A Space in the City is organising meeting room hire for your kick-off meetings this New Year. If you badly need a space for your kick off meeting, look no further, as A Space in the City has a variety of spaces from small work pods up to large boardrooms for a more significant scale meeting.

For the perfect meeting space, A Space in the City recommends the St. Andrews meeting room. This space is unlike any other meeting room or conference venue you have used before. The room is designed with a modern and contemporary style, a 60’ touch screen and super-fast WIFI. It doesn’t end there though; the room is covered in natural light, making the room feel warm and welcoming. It can host up to 30 guests at a time, and this venue for hire comes with stationery and refreshments.

If these benefits of hiring this meeting room are not enough, A Space in the City insists that each space is flexible for every client, so the room is set up to your satisfaction and you can decide on your company’s plans and ideas. Even if you only need a meeting space for you and your partner or colleague, A Space in the City can provide you with their working pods so you can get to work immediately.

As mentioned, one of the main advantages of choosing A Space in the City’s meeting rooms is that they can accommodate you from beginning to end. For example, with the size of your party, you can adjust the layout to ensure your conference or event is a success. Whether you are choosing meeting room hire in Cardiff for a team catch-up, business meeting or a large company gathering, the venue at A Space in the City will not disappoint.

Communication with A Space in the City is straightforward, so if you have any queries about the meeting space, contact the team at A Space in the City. You can email your requirements before the day of the meeting or conference, and they will ensure everything is ready when you arrive on the day, and it will no doubt exceed your expectations. They will also provide you with any additional audio-visual equipment you need, and arrange stationery and refreshments for your Cardiff conferences and events.

A Space in the City understands how important it is to choose the right event venue to hire in Cardiff, which is why they have found the best location. The meeting rooms are located in Cardiff city centre, yet it is still accessible for those driving or on foot.

Once you arrive, you will make your way to the first floor of their Park Place building with a magnificent view looking out on Cardiff National Museum, Cardiff City Hall and the beautiful adjoining park grounds.

A Space in the City wants to help you find the best meeting room or meeting space for your kick-off meeting this year. You will have everything at your disposal when you hire a meeting room at A Space in the City. Get in touch today with A Space in the City and book one of their superb meeting rooms whether it is a working pod, a large boardroom, or the St. Andrews meeting room. You must ring them today on 029 2009 9889 for meeting room hire or email your details to patricia.deeside@gmail.com, and they will get back to you shortly.

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