Appliance Repair Lawrence KS is continuing to offer Local Appliance Repairs in the Lawrence Kansas area amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The local appliance repair company in the Lawrence Kansas area wants to inform the residents that they are still open, and they are still offering same day service and emergency refrigeration repair services. They are even open 24/7, with a service call fee at just $40, the most affordable in the city.

They provide refrigeration repair to dryer repair, oven repair, range repair, washing machine repair, and many more appliance repairs. Since the weather is improving and we are getting closer to summer, it so important that our refrigerators are working. However, if you believe your refrigerator is broken or it needs fixing, do not hesitate to call Appliance Repair Lawrence KS today for refrigerator repair. They mention certain signs to look out for such as, your refrigerator isn’t cooling your food, it’s freezing your food, it is making unusual noises, it’s leaking water or the ice maker is not working.

Once you get in touch, the company will send a maintenance specialist immediately, and these are highly experienced professionals trained to repair any issues associated with refrigerators.

Similar to your refrigerator, your freezer is also a high priority appliance in your house today more than ever, as many individuals want to stock up on food to avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store. If you notice any symptoms coming from your freezer, some of which are similar to your refrigerator like the excessive noise, any leaking or not freezing your food, then call Appliance Repair Lawrence KS today for freezer repair.

For dishwasher repair, Appliance Repair Lawrence KS should be the first company you contact for assistance as each member of the team is trained to handle any repairs. You may think you can fix the problem with your dishwasher, but it is best to let a professional take care of it for you. Their reliable technicians will make sure your dishwasher is working effectively again, especially since everyone is at home now, it is a handy appliance that many households rely on, particularly during this current pandemic.

Before contacting Appliance Repair Lawrence KS, look out for dishwasher problems such as loud noises, dripping water, if it won’t turn on, clean or dry the dishes, or even dispense the detergent, you should get in touch with Appliance Repair Lawrence KS without delay.

Even if you think you need to contact Appliance Repair Lawrence KS for washing machine repair, those are common issues too. For instance, your washing machine is making loud noises, leaking, or it won’t turn on, and it isn’t washing your clothes properly, then you should contact the team today and have a technician sent to your home.

When you call Appliance Repair Lawrence KS, you will speak to a professional appliance repair tech named Jason, who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. If you’re contacting about refrigerator repair or dishwasher repair, a technician will have you describe the issues you are facing with your appliance and then arrange a suitable time to arrive at your home. These are hard-working professionals who will repair any appliance in your home call them today on 785-268-3332 or send an email to


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