Atlantic Ballroom is proud to provide its dance lesson for “All Ages For All Occasions”. They are excited to offer their Spring Dance Lessons that are perfect for cruises, weddings, as well as competitions in the Baltimore area. They have a professional team of dancers that are willing to teach their customers with the best spring dancing that includes world Champions and past Coach With Dancing With The Stars.

With 34 successful years in the business, their team of expert dance instructors has gained the trust and support of thousands of clients. They understand that their customer’s passion and desire to get the best dance instruction available. With this in mind, the team provides a comprehensive teaching approach to help clients learn the dance that they need for their specific occasions.

The team of the leading ballroom company offers a full and friendly service dance studio that focuses on social and competitive ballroom dancing. They welcome all students including children and adults who are hoping to improve their dance skills. Their service aims to help aspiring dancers that want to join dance competitions in the Washington and Baltimore area.

Atlantic Ballroom is based in Towson, MD which has been serving the area since 1985. The dance company is operated and owned by world-class dancers, Igor and Polina Pilipenchuk, who joined the team way back in 1994. They have the commitment and passion to the sport, so they never stop in pursuing their dreams and bring success to the company. They offer a comprehensive roster of private lessons, group classes, special themed events kids’ classes, social dance parties, guest coaches, showcases, and competitions.

Reflecting Igor & Polina’s lifelong passion and commitment to the sport, Atlantic Ballroom boasts a comprehensive roster of group classes, private lessons, social dance parties, special themed events, kids’ classes, showcases, guest coaches, and competitions. “We offer all styles of dance (including social, weddings, club, international and American-style dancing), friendly, experienced instructors and a beautiful studio with elegant décor and floating hardwood floor. Our students dance at all levels and range in age from 4 years to 94 years.” stated by Igor Pilipenchuk, CEO

The team is always ready to accept the challenge of teaching their students whether they want to have fun, prepare for their wedding, train for competition, improve their dancing skills or learn new steps. The team at Atlantic Ballroom welcomes everyone because they want to share their skills and knowledge with a wide range of dancers, from beginners to professional. For them, everyone has the ability to unlock greater potential, so they work hard to help others by offering their best instruction for spring dancing lessons. Including wedding dancing lessons, ballroom dance lessons, cruise ship dance lessons and more.

“One of the newest opportunities we offer is the rental or sale of ballroom dresses and shoes to the public for their special occasions”, said Nikolai  Pilipenchuk, owner. They have a team of expert dancers that are patient and dedicated to teaching the basic techniques of dancing. As the premier dancing company in the area, The Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio is always motivated to improve their services to give the best results for their hopeful dancers.

Their dance studio has a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for the comfort and confidence of their students. Their friendly staff is very approachable, so the students are free to ask or share about their concerns during the dance lessons. Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio takes pride in The quality of their service. With this, they never fail to meet the needs of their students.

For the spring discount mention Press Release and get your Ballroom Dance Lessons at a great rate,” said Nikolai.


For more information about Atlantic Ballroom and their services, visit or call them at: 410-825-5483 .


About Atlantic Ballroom

Atlantic Ballroom is a friendly, full-service dance studio that specializes in social and competitive ballroom dancing for both children and adults in the Baltimore/Washington area. Located in Towson, MD, our studio has been open since 1985.

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