ATLANTA & CHARLESTON, S.C.– AVOXI, a global provider of cloud contact center software for business, continued their 2019 global coverage expansion by adding India local number availability to their software platform. The company’s latest release covers 7 of India’s top cities for commerce. This is the first-time AVOXI’s platform included local virtual numbers in India, making them one of the only international providers to do so.

“A key component of our company’s mission is to offer the most global number destinations for companies using our software platform. I’m extremely proud of our virtual numbers product team for buying into that mission and delivering two huge milestones back to back. Last month they expanded our offering to include coverage in 160 countries, and this month they secured local number coverage in one of our most requested regions in the world.”

Despite being one of the world’s fastest growing economies, establishing telecom coverage in India has been a major obstacle for international companies. Until recently, local India DID numbers were only available to foreign companies for call conferencing purposes. This is not only the first-time existing AVOXI customers can the company’s online shopping cart makes them accessible to businesses around the world. In addition to their toll free offering, AVOXI’s new range of local virtual numbers in India includes:

New Delhi

Leading AVOXI’s global expansion project is Jon Ross, AVOXI’s Sr. Director of Carrier Management. Jon provided context to the company’s 2019 expansion project: “[quote on new opportunity/advancement]” “As AVOXI continues to grow, it’s my job to search the globe for the best interconnections and local connections possible for our customers. My team and I want to establish AVOXI as the leader in virtual number coverage, competitive rates, and international call quality.”

The latest release in AVOXI’s global expansion project brings their total coverage area to 160 countries, with toll free business numbers available in 150. The company has targeted the majority of its new releases to emerging markets from the “Next Eleven” and communication hubs in APAC. 2019’s global expansion project is a continuation of AVOXI’s 2018 efforts, which included additional employees in North America, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Thailand, as well as the launch of a new VoIP data center in Hong Kong.

About AVOXI:

Serving more than 3000 global contact centers, AVOXI is the leading provider of cloud communications services and virtual numbers that allow companies of all sizes and in a range of vertical industries to enhance the experience they provide to their customers. For more information or to view the company’s complete virtual number coverage area, visit

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