Burns Pet Nutrition has just announced the launch of their new online Puppy Club. The puppy club provides customers with advice and tips on how to raise a new puppy in your home, and this is done by having Burns puppy club send easy to read emails to you to help you along the way with raising your new puppy.

So, how do you join this Puppy Club that Burns Pet Nutrition has launched? Well, it’s straightforward; all you have to do is enter your details, choose your food for your puppy and check out. It’s a simple process because the main aim of Burns Pet Nutrition Puppy Club is that they want you to worry less about buying the food and spend more time caring for your new puppy and giving them all the attention with cuddles and belly rubs. Once you’re set-up, you will receive, over the next year easy to read emails filled with advice from the Nutrition team at Burns Nutrition.

As part of the Puppy Club, you’ll also get 2kg of puppy food and goodies which will help you in the beginning and get your new pup eating healthy and nutritious food. Then, when your puppy hits the 9-month milestone, you’ll receive 4kg of adult food and yes, more goodies! All at a price tag of just £9.99!

Burns Pet Nutrition set up the Puppy Club as they believe clubs are the best way to learn more about the puppy you are raising especially if you have any queries or concerns starting on your own. As mentioned, it’s straightforward the process of joining the club, sign up, choose your food, and receive the food and your helpful advice emails. You will need to enter your first and last name as part of the personal details and then a valid email address to sign up and a password also.

You have a great selection of puppy food to choose from after you have completed step one of joining the club. Phase 2 involves selecting the food for your puppy, and fortunately, Burns Pet Nutrition has a perfect choice. You can choose the puppy mini chicken which contains chicken and rice, it has a smaller kibble, and it is ideal for fussy eaters.

Or your puppy might be ready for the puppy original chicken, same ingredients, but it is suitable for sensitive puppies, and it is naturally tasting. They also have the original puppy lamb, which is another excellent selection for your puppy’s diet as it contains lamb and rice and some added salmon oil too, with a healthy coat.Burns Pet Nutrition has created a wonderful club to assist new dog owners who have just taken on a new puppy and need some help and support raising the puppy. The puppy club offers great puppy advice and sets you up with the right amount of puppy food from the moment you click to join the club.

So, why not go online today and join the Burns puppy club so they can help you along your journey of raising this new pup. Find the puppy club page online at https://burnspet.co.uk/puppy-club/ and click join now. If you have any furthers questions about raising your new puppy and the puppy food you should be purchasing call Burns Pet Nutrition on 0808 301 2773, they will be happy to assist you.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/burns-pet-nutrition-announce-the-launch-of-their-online-puppy-club/

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