Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Jacksonville provide answers on all Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Questions. Mold Inspection Jacksonville understands that mold and the presence of mold spores can be a big problem for households, and put stress on homeowners to try and fix the issue before it gets worse.

Luckily, Mold Inspection Jacksonville offers mold assessment and mold testing in Jacksonville, FL, and they can give you answers to the most frequent questions commercial building and residential homeowners ask day in day out, such as which mold is the most dangerous, mold-related illnesses, mold prevention, mold treatment, and many more. Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Jacksonville is the best in the industry when it comes to mold inspection and mold testing.

So, which mold is the most dangerous? Well, Mold Inspection Jacksonville answer that the most critical is, of course, black mold (known as Stachybotrys), it can cause flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, headaches, and severe respiratory damage.

According to the mold inspection experts, black mold can become a huge issue in your home if it is not treated immediately. However, the mold removal professionals give you tips on how to know if the mold in your home is dangerous, and why it may be growing on your walls. All of the answers to these questions can be found on their website.

Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Jacksonville recommends assessing and testing your house for mold if you notice any at all; for example, if there is a strange smell, most of the time, it is a musty smell (microbial growth, VOCs). Or you may see mold growths, and even if they appear small, you should contact Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Jacksonville, so we keep an eye out if you notice furry, dark growths, or black, green, and specks. Other factors that you may notice are allergic reactions, paint bubbling or peeling, or some soft spots in hardwood floors.

Primarily because of mold-related illnesses that can affect you and your family members, many people ask questions such as; which groups are at higher risk for mold-related reactions and illnesses or why are new-borns at higher risk. They can even inform you of the Most Common Route of Entry for Mold Exposure.

So, what can you do to prevent mold, in the bathroom, or even in your summer home or office building? Some people think you can take care of the mold in your home and treat it with bleach yourself, but you should contact mold inspection experts since bleach only gets rid of the black color. Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Jacksonville reassure homeowners though that you do not have to move out if you have mold.

The mold removal professionals can also provide you with information about HEPA Filtration, and if you can use a Vacuum with HEPA Filtration to remove mold in your home.

Contact Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Jacksonville today on (904) 990-1499 for a mold inspection if you suspect there is mold growing in your home. Even if it is the smallest amount of mold, you are right to contact the mold removal experts as they will assess your home and provide you with the best mold remediation. If you have any concerns, or you would like to know more about how to look out for mold in your home, you should go online to their website at


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