The CEO of Maropost Ross Andrew Paquette encourages Entrepreneurs to Grow their business without investors. Ross Andrew Paquette is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Maropost, a software company focused on marketing automation and e-commerce.

Paquette is delighted to announce that the tech company is Canada’s most profitable and fastest-growing tech company. He has the experience and expertise to know what is essential for his customers.

Maropost looks after the needs of each customer, building trust from the beginning, developing a partnership that lasts for years to come. Paquette was born in a small town in Ontario, Canada. A city with very little technology and it wasn’t until he was 14, that he had a computer. It is no wonder he wants to help so many businesses and organizations today as he is very grateful for what he has now.

Paquette reads his first book

This year, the CEO read his very first book – Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”. After reading this, he wants other entrepreneurs like himself to know that you can start or grow a business as long as you work hard and have some creativity to back it up.

Yet, he is a big believer in creating your unique ideas rather than building a company after reading some books on business.

Paquette encourages others to think of strategies and ideas and develop these to help you move your business along without the need for any investor at all. The CEO explains why.

Business advice from the Maropost CEO

The Maropost CEO regrets selling part of his company to investors while he was starting up the business while also working as a sales executive at the time. Paquette recalls how he received no support from the investors and, over time, realized they were not right for the company, so Paquette had them removed.

Paquette wishes he received this advice when he was younger, so he is hoping this encourages other entrepreneurs to think carefully before selling their company to investors.

According to the CEO, – ‘investors are not your friends, partners, or mentors, so tread lightly.‘ They don’t genuinely care about your company; they want to see their return on the investment. In addition to this, they do not have your best interest at heart, with no interest in you as your company’s founder. Although many entrepreneurs, Paquette says, feel they can’t speak badly of investors, as they might need one to kick-start their company

Success for Paquette

For all the entrepreneurs out there, Paquette’s business advice should be taken into consideration. Just recently, he has successfully bought out his partners who did not share the same views, and he couldn’t be happy.

The CEO is also pleased to confirm that he has two new products coming online – Jetsend and Maropost for Commerce. Jetsend helps users with email issues such as forgotten passwords, and Maropost for Commerce is solely for e-commerce companies to sell products online.

One last piece of advice from Ross Andrew Paquette is how to prevent a blackout as an entrepreneur. Paquette follows a good routine that ensures he takes breaks away from his phone, and to ensure good mental health and well-being, he regularly exercises and meditates and maintains the balance between business life and his personal life.


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