Chromatrap® announce the first ever commercial ChIP kit dedicated to the Drosophila chip seq. Chromatrap® has undergone Drosophila research which is very popular in the field of genetic and epigenetic analysis.

For those wondering what epigenetic research is, it is the study of heritable changes in gene expression (which is active versus inactive genes) that do not involve changes to the underlying DNA and its sequence, which in turn affects how cells read the genes.

Chromatrap® have created this chip sequencing kit to save researchers time and offer the best sensitivity on the market for processing Drosophila chromatin. It is optimised for chromatic extraction protocol, perfect for low samples (ChIP from as little as five drosophila specimens), best for sensitivity and achieves results in 5 hours.

They are offering Drosophila researchers the opportunity to quickly and efficiently perform ChIP from their favourite genetic model organism. Chromatrap® state that – ‘by combining their optimised buffer chemistries for chromatin extraction and unique bead-free ChIP technology’. They have even created a high sensitivity kit which is much quicker and easier to use.

This ChIP kit is also suitable for “low abundant transcription factors and histone modifications”. All reagents and components are supplied for the entire workflow. It is perfect for first time ChIP users.

For optimised protocols and buffer, consider the Drosophila ChIP-Seq. It is a superior and unique kit that contains all the reagents and components required to extract chromatin and perform immunoprecipitation for next-generation sequencing efficiently.

Chromatrap® goes on to mention that with a single optimised protocol, they combine their bead-free ChIP technology with proprietary buffer chemistries to enable fruit fly researchers to quickly and easily identify histone modifications and low abundant transcription factors with the highest sensitivity.

Some of the features associated with the ChIP kit include the following:

  • The Chromatrap® Drosophila ChIP-Seq Workflow
  • A Unique Buffer Chemistry Developed for Drosophila
  • Preparation of high-quality chromatin from Drosophila tissues
  • Bead-free System for ChIP
  • Maximum capture of the antibody-chromatin complex
  • A spin column format ensuring maximum recovery (DNA)
  • Optimised DNA purification reagents
  • High-quality NGS-ready ChIP DNA

If that isn’t enough, you can streamline your fruit fly ChIP and library preparation with the Chromatrap® kit. It allows you to perform ChIP and library preparation for next-generation sequencing sequentially, and it contains all the reagents you need to efficiently extract chromatin from Drosophila tissues and obtain purified selectively enriched DNA to create high-quality complex libraries.

Chromatrap® state that this is the only kit that combines the highest sensitivity ChIP assay with library preparation for Drosophila. It is ready-to-sequence in under 8 hours, and it has an advanced bead-free system for ChIP and size selection.

With regards to the DNA purification reagents, Chromatrap® also supply a DNA purification kit which uses DNA purification methods. According to Chromatrap®, it is the process of isolating DNA from a sample using a combination of physical and chemical methods. 

If you are interested in the first ever commercial ChIP kit dedicated to the Drosophila contact Chromatrap® today on +44 (0)1978 661144 or you can email the company at for more information about the Drosophila or if you have any questions or queries. You can also go online to and browse the ChIP kit.


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