Thinking about selling those crafts you’ve been giving away as gifts or maybe you are just running out of rooms to put them in? Sites like are reporting record sales of handmade items. But craft makers taking the initial leap into starting a home business share a burning question: “what are the best selling crafts to make and sell?”

James Dillehay from, Etsy shop owner and author of the book, “How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell” says the key question you have to focus on is this: “how to turn your ideas into Etsy best sellers?

Dillehay has had many good years selling his own products, He loves sharing insider tips for how to start a craft business. Here are six of his best ideas for getting it right quickly:

  1. Research which handmade crafts sell best. Get inspiration for things to make and sell on Etsy by browsing categories. The best-selling items on Etsy show lots of 5-star reviews. Just don’t copy other Etsy shop products; you’ll get booted off for copyright infringement.


  1. Look for crafts to make and sell that you love creating. If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do whatever it takes to succeed. The most passionate craft business owners take extra steps to create best-selling items.


  1. Find ways to personalize your craft item. Offer to add customers’ names to your product. It will increase your sales. The phrase “personalized gift” is searched for over 45,000 times per month on Etsy.


  1. Focus on themes. Products created around niche ideas became best selling crafts partly because shoppers are also collectors. Handmade items designed with unicorns, elves, dolphins and angels are all popular collectibles.


  1. Make things that are eco-friendly. Shoppers for handmade items are on the lookout for the environmental impact of the materials in the products they buy. Shoppers are willing to pay more to go green.


  1. Make a profit by knowing all your production costs. Your prices need to be in line with what shoppers are used to paying for items like yours. Learn how much it costs you to make a product, research what things like yours sell for and discover if it’s profitable to start making.

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James Dillehay is a professional craft artisan, former gallery owner, and author of ten books. He has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal Online, HGTV, Yahoo Finance, Bottom Line Personal, Family Circle, Entrepreneur Radio and many other media.


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