Dr. Mitravinda Aneesh (Savanur) started her health blog DietChart.net. The blog aims to provide helpful tips about health and can be the perfect guide for those who are health conscious. Dr. Mitravinda Aneesh is a Ph. D. in Food Science and Nutrition. Even more important, she is also a Registered Dietitian who is certified by the Indian Dietetic Association.

The blog will help the readers to improve their health status by simply following the tips provided. The Diet Chart can offer interesting health facts such as how to remove pimple marks, how much protein in 1 egg, how to remove dark circles, yoga for weight loss and more. Aside from the nutrition guide offered by the blog, it will also help the readers to attain their weight loss and beauty goals.

Dr. Mitravinda Aneesh (Savanur) is not just a professional nutritionist, but also a researcher, teacher by profession, a blogger, and counselor by passion. She finished her Ph. D in Food Science and Nutrition from S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Mumbai, India. She has been a teacher for more almost nine years. Aside from being a health enthusiast, Dr. Mitravinda Aneesh (Savanur) also has several publications in international and national peer-reviewed journals and books.

According to Dr. Mitravinda Savanur, she teaches undergrad and postgrad students. Her latest blog is specifically designed to share her knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. She added that the blog is about making healthy food choices for the readers and their family. The blog will also feature exciting topics such as the Sunshine Vitamin, Behavior Change among Mothers through Nutrition Education, Hypoglycemia Awareness, and Ways to Prevent Acidity, Finger Millet as well as other helpful blog content to improve the health status of the people.

Dr. Mitravinda Aneesh also allows the readers to get updated with her blog post. She wants to help her readers and visitors to improve their health status with her health tips for the right nutrition and another healthy lifestyle. She understands that health is wealth. It is an essential factor for a happy, satisfying and successful life. With this, she had decided to help simply by offering her blog Diet Chart. Through the blog, people can improve their health without sacrificing a significant amount of their money.

The blog of Dr. Mitravinda Aneesh can be a reliable partner for people who are aiming to overcome some of their health issues. She believes that everyone deserves to enjoy better health. More importantly, she also knows that proper nutrition is crucial for the all-around health of an individual. With this, she provided the blog to offer excellent diet programs to help people maintain a healthy weight. She also gives helpful advice that can improve the confidence of the people. Proper diet has a great impact on the appearance and general health of a person. So she is happy to share her knowledge and skills as a nutritionist with her blog. She knows that her blog can make a big difference for the health of anyone who can read it. She cares for her fellowmen, so she makes sure that the blog content is accurate and effective.


For more details about Dr. Mitravinda Aneesh, visit her site at https://www.dietchart.net or email them at contact@dietchart.net.


About Dr. Mitravinda Aneesh (Savanur)

I’m a Nutritionist by qualification, a teacher and researcher by profession and counselor and blogger by passion. I have completed my Ph.D in Food Science and Nutrition from S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Mumbai, India.

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