Eveies Online Sex Shop in Ireland have just announced a new discount program for all their new clients. Eveies is offering a 5-euro coupon for all new clients who open an account on their website.  Eveies is the perfect online store for purchasing sex toys for both men and women in Ireland. Eveies is your premiere sex shop retailer for many reasons, one, they provide body safe products, and two you can purchase affordable adult toys on their website that are of a high standard and have a luxury quality.

For the most affordable and wide variety of sex toys in Ireland, go online to Eveies online sex shop and browse their range of erotic brand names and various categories. Some of their products include everything from dildos, fetish items such as bondage body harnesses or fantasy kits, sex enhancers and lubricants, sexy lingerie, and even a selection of vibrators for your own satisfaction.

The online sex shop really wants you to save on your first purchase with them so they are kindly offering 5-euro if you set up an account with them online. Go onto their homepage of their website and click on the image offering coupons. All you have to do is open an account and register with your own personal email address and then a password will be sent to this email. You just go back to the account page and enter your email address and the password that was sent to you. Eveies also give you the option of subscribing to their newsletter during the account set up.

The 5-euro coupon can go a long way on Eveies online shop, especially as the sex shop has up to 50% off their adult toys at the moment. They also offer free delivery on all orders over 25 euro and they will add a free gift for all purchases over 50 euro, a superb service for customers.

Eveies is not just a successful online sex shop in Ireland, they cater for all individuals who are interested in sex toys, and they will have you returning and wanting to try out a different sex toy from the huge choice available on the online sex shop.

In addition, Eveies website has an online chat service, making it quick and easy to get in touch and have your questions answered. The customer support tab will pop up on your screen saying, if you need help simply reply to this message. You can also read their monthly blog posts on related topics to the website products.  These can be found under the Erotica tab on the menu bar, with topics about restraints erotica, lesbian erotica, intimacy erotica, gay erotica, and many more very interesting blogs that you should take read of.

The online sex shop really does have the customers interest at heart, as they are even offering a 5-euro coupon for all new clients who sign up and open an account on their website. You can then browse their huge range of products, select your favourite adult toy and then enter the coupon code at checkout. Go online today and open an account with Eveies at https://eveies.ie/. If you have any questions about Eveies products or about setting up an account with Eveies you can ring 01 685 58 46 or send an email to  info@eveies.ie.

SOURCE: https://thenewsfront.com/eveies-online-sex-shop-in-ireland-announce-a-discount-program-for-all-new-clients/

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