Garage Door Services and Repair Inc, a prominent garage door services provider, is now providing garage door painting services at competitive prices.

USA, 21st April  

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc, a well-known entity in the residential and commercial garage door repair Houston services industry, recently launched garage door painting services as an add-on service for the Houston community they serve. The company, which has carved a niche for itself in the Houston garage door repair sector, launched the service to help home and garage owners cope with the dreaded impacts of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Throwing some light on how the Houston garage door repair has been planning out things, Thomas Wang, the chairman of the garage door services Houston business conveyed, “At our organization, we have always focused on customer convenience. We are a professional group which has an approach that’s completely customer-facing. At the time of this pandemic of unprecedented proportion, home and garage owners in Houston often look for additional and low-cost services. Therefore, we decided to add garage door painting as an add-on service to help our clients cope with the economic impact of Coronavirus pandemic.”

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc essentially deals in garage door maintenance, garage door repair, residential garage door installation, as well as commercial garage door installation services, among a host of other garage doors Houston services. However, the company owners decided to go the extra mile to help their clients during the troubled times.

“It’s not only about aesthetics when people talk about garage door painting. If the garage doors are well-painted, the appeal of a residential or a commercial property gets accentuated, increasing its value at the same time. Painting the garage door from time to time is necessary and it is as significant as repairing and maintaining garage door parts. The elements, the weather, and the daily wear and tear can have a big impact on a garage door. Wooden doors require an extra maintenance as they are more vulnerable. We are offering this as an add-on service, which means that if anyone opts for any other service, they will get a rebate on the standard painting service charges”, added Mr. Wang.


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