GOODYEAR, Arizona. – Selling a house can be a very tiring and difficult time for the seller. Waiting for a potential buyer, offers, closing and the like can be very frustrating for any seller. This goes for first time sellers and people selling a home for the second or third time.

An Open House sounds like it would be a very good idea, and it makes sense. The realtor stays at the house for the day, usually on a weekend, and waits for potential buyers to come by and see the home.

According to Matt Caren – one of the top Realtors in Goodyear, Arizona, this is not always the case. He said in part, “despite what sellers may think, it is a rarity for a home to sell based on an open house. There is much more to moving a home than simply having an open house.”

Posting signs, putting advertisements in the local paper and of course, posting on real estate sites are the ideal way to help move a home. “Open houses are great, but they are not always the solution.” – says Goodyear AZ Realtor.

“It is common for a nicely built home in a better neighborhood with all of the amenities a buyer is looking for to have only a few, if any, visitors to an open house on an average day. It is not the fault of the seller. It is a simple fact of the real estate business,” said Matt Caren, a well known Real Estate Agent in Goodyear, Arizona.

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