Hemp Seeds CBD announce their excitement for the 2020 season as Colorado’s number one Best Hemp CBD flower seed.

The Denver, Colorado Hemp company known as Hemp Seeds CBD or just HSC, was founded by two friends who are pioneers in the Hemp and Cannabis industry.

The business-minded friends have over 50 years of combined experience in hemp, cannabis, genetics, and sales. Their genius idea to partner up and conquer Colorado’s, the USA’s, and the world’s hemp business has become very successful.

Therefore, it is no surprise to learn that HSC now offers the world’s finest feminized hemp seeds and feminized hemp seedlings.

At Hemp Seeds CBD, they emphasize that their hemp seeds, seedlings, feminized seeds, and feminized seedling are 100% Colorado grown.

Hemp Seeds CBD distributes a variety of hemp seeds for CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC feminized seeds, feminized seedlings, pre-rolls, flower, isolate, CBD supplements, and turnkey consulting.

The range of products supplied at Hemp Seeds CBD is chosen with ‘stable and organically grown components,’ and it is all done in Colorado. Hemp Seeds CBD has the best ingredients from start to finish.

Hemp Seeds CBD supply their products to various business owners and individuals from the small boutique grower to the commercial farmers. The seeds are hand grown and cultivated with a ton of care, and they’re bred explicitly for you.

HSC likes to mention a phrase on their website which is – ‘From seed to shelf CBD’. This is the availability of purchasing the hemp seed products, how easy it is, and the full range of choice you have as it goes from a seed to a product available to be purchased.

Hemp Seeds have a list of products on their website from feminized hemp seeds – Cherry Abacus which are Colorado’s premier hemp strains. With this product, you can order around 35,000 seeds per pound, and if you would like less, the minimum order is 5,000 hemp seeds for discount pricing.

Smaller orders for the home and boutique grower are available with the price for these hemp seeds starts at 50-100 at 5.00 ea. It is straightforward to purchase by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button located underneath the pricing list of the product.

You can also purchase feminized hemp seeds – cherry Abacus X Abacus 2.0, and prices are the same. Or maybe you are interested in feminized hemp seedlings – cherry abacus seedlings or Abacus x Abacus 2.0. As well as CBD products by their sister company – Thailuv. You can purchase tinctures, gels, cosmetics, and more. You browse these products through their shop now link.

Interestingly, just last year, Hemp Seeds CBD sold millions of legal hemp seeds and seedlings for the 2019 hemp season. The feminized seeds for the 2020 hemp season are almost already sold out.

So, Hemp Seeds CBD recommends placing an order today to guarantee delivery of seeds or seedlings. Colorado labs have once again declared that the Abacus 2.0 was top-yielding with CBD output from all the other hemp strains that were processed in 2018 and 2019.

HSC genetics are believed to be your best choice for super seeds and seedlings.

Also, HSC is now offering its products for both retail and wholesale.

Contact hempseedscbdsale.com today if you are interested in purchasing hemp seeds or seedlings. You can email info@hempseedscbdsale.com if you require more information about hemp seeds or the company in general, or you can CALL or TEXT them on 310-926-5777, 303-912-4280 or 303-918-5788 if you have questions about their products.

SOURCE: https://thenewsfront.com/hemp-seeds-cbd-announce-their-excitement-for-the-2020-season-as-colorados-number-one-best-hemp-cbd-flower-seed/

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HSC (Hemp Seeds CBD) is a COLORADO HEMP company  that was started by 2 friends who are pioneers in the Hemp and Cannabis industry. Having a friendship originating in Colorado 25 years ago, it was only a matter of time…

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