Strategic Coach has launched a business coaching programme designed to help business owners to stay one step ahead.

For over 30 years, Strategic Coach has worked closely with more than 20,000 entrepreneurs from over 60 industries worldwide, to help them achieve greater growth and freedom in both their business and personal lives. The organisation, which is run by business owners, holds over 100 workshops for thousands of entrepreneurs each year, to provide like-minded entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow their business, raise their profits, and earn an exceptional quality of life.

From these workshops, Strategic Coach has learned what business owners want to know when it comes to growing their business. That’s why the business coaches at Strategic Coach have launched the Strategic Coach Signature Programme – a programme that gives business owners an opportunity to learn how to define a growth strategy while receiving support that will give them a new perspective on their business.

The programme includes quarterly workshops every 90 days in London. Led by an experienced coach who is a successful business owner and long-time programme participant, the workshops will help you to define your most important goals and provide you with tools, support, and a structure to grow your business. According to Strategic Coach, the Signature Programme has been designed to have a profound effect on your results and mindset over a three-year span. Each year focuses on a strategic goal. For example, in Year 1, the focus is on you and your vision, and what your team needs to do to make it possible. In Year 2, the focus is on what to do to create value in your market. Strategic Business Coaches will give you the tools and strategies to identify, package, and expand your innovation so you can bypass competition and stagnation.

Once you’re operating at new levels of productivity and creativity, Strategic Coach uses the third year to help you build and develop a considerable organisation with lasting success.

If you are a business owner interested in entrepreneur coaching from Strategic Coach, one piece of advice the business coach offers is to not expect quick results. Think of it as a transformational change that will help you going forward. You can contact Strategic Coach today for more information on 01625545600, visit their website, or you can email, and a Strategic Coach team member will get back to you shortly.


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