Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA is helping people fight excessive sweating during this lockdown with simple DIY treatment at home. The clinic has managed to get a special discount deal for the new FDA-approved iontophoresis machine called Dermadry.

The clinic specializes in hyperhidrosis, which is a genetic condition that causes an abnormal amount of sweating in the hands, feet, face, armpits, and it can even cause blushing. Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA offers different treatment methods and advises you on the necessary steps to take. They recommend seeking treatment right away and no longer endure excessive sweating.


For those unfamiliar with the machine Dermadry, Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA has posted an article that provides a complete overview of this new device for the user. According to the clinic, Dermadry is one of the best iontophoresis machines you can get for effectively treating excessive sweating, and they have reviewed this machine in terms of how it works and its ability to treat hyperhidrosis condition safely.

The machine passes a mild current to bring the connection between the nerves and the sweat glands under control, which results in the reduction of excessive sweating. It is the perfect machine as it is easy to use, with no pain involved, and it is safe for most people.

There are several treatment options with the iontophoresis machine; for hands, feet, and underarms, hands and feet only, or just underarms. This is great for individuals who may only suffer from one or two of those areas as this reduces the cost too, and it results in a more effective aesthetic treatment also.

Hyperhidrosis at home:

For home usage, Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA highly recommends using an iontophoresis machine to help you with your excessive sweating. Once you purchase a recommended machine, you can begin treatment on your new iontophoresis machine with only three treatment sessions necessary per week. Continue this until you have the desired dryness in the treatment area going to one per week for most people.

Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA has kindly listed the best iontophoresis machines on their site, these are the most effective on the market right now, and the Dermadry is listed among them. Iontophoresis machines are not just safe to use, but they involve only weekly treatments with little risk to the body.

For some people an iontophoresis machine is an excellent option but an expensive one too. There are many tutorials out there on the internet on how to build your own device at home to save on the cost of purchasing a new machine. There is one great benefit if you choose this route, which is the price. However, the results may not be as good as if you purchase or rent a professional iontophoresis device.

More information:

For more info about iontophoresis treatment and a comparison of the different iontophoresis devices available for home usage, go to https://hyperhidrosisclinicusa.com/iontophoresis-machines/ where you can also have all you frequently asked questions about iontophoresis treatment answered and access promotional deals for iontophoresis machines.

For any questions or queries about iontophoresis treatment or the Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA, please do not hesitate to email contact@hyperhidrosisclinicusa.com for more information.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/hyperhidrosis-clinic-usa-help-individuals-fight-excessive-sweating-with-simple-diy-treatment-at-home-with-a-new-fda-approved-iontophoresis-machine/

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Dr. Gary C. Anderson M.D is a Surgeon who specializes in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. During the past 20 years, he has performed over 2000 sympathectomy procedures on patients with sweating of the underarms, hands, face, scalp or blushing.

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