Indejuice E-Liquids Retailer has just announced the opening of their new London office. The vape juice brand would like their loyal customers to know that they are still operating and dispatching orders across the UK despite the Covid-19 closures.

Vape Juice

Not only have they just opened a new London office, but IndeJuice is also true to their word, as they say – ‘vape juice, made simple.’ The IndeJuice online store is very user-friendly, whereby you land on the homepage. You enter a flavour, e.g. sweets, select your particular nicotine type this could be none at all or a high dose of 18-20mg, then finish by choosing the volume and that’s it, click search, and you can select your most desirable vape juice.

It’s no wonder the Indejuice Vape Juice Specialist receives hundreds of reviews from customers raving about their vape juices. They love the flavours and the brands on their online store, and many have expressed that they will keep coming back to order more again. Please read all the top reviews about IndeJuice on their site and select a flavour or brand that a customer recommends.

IndeJuice e-juice platform

IndeJuice provides customers with a cutting-edge e-juice platform where you can browse a range of e-liquids easily, and they also have the original Nicotine shot calculator tool. For a quick search and to find the top e-liquids available today use the search bar and find your favourite e-liquid in no time.

Indejuice mentions that another term for e-liquid is vape juice, and it is the substance used to refill vape devices with three ingredients – vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and flavourings and the option to add nicotine. According to IndeJuice, e-liquids are available in several forms such as Shortfills, Regular 10mls and Nicotine Salts.

If you’re interested in shortfills, IndeJuice has a wide selection to choose from, including the Mango Cola, the Sherbet Raspberry, the Quench, the Pinkberg Ice, a cool one call the Ultra Boost, and many more. You’re spoilt for choice with IndeJuice, but luckily with their search engine, you can find the perfect e-liquid.

IndeJuice recommends to individuals who were smokers and are now working on trying to lower their nicotine intake, or if you were never a heavy smoker, to choose shortfill e-Liquids and start at 0mg and this can be increased to 3mg or 6mg. A suggestion for heavy smokers, on the other hand, would be, to begin with, Nicotine Salts or Regular 10mls at a nicotine concentration of 15-20mg.

More information

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With the opening of their new London office, Indejuice is continuing to work harder now more than ever to fulfil orders to their loyal customers, even with Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing measures in place.

Browse all the various juice types and flavours on their site, especially their new brands which have been recently added. For shipping information, check out their website at and you can email for any other queries about the e-liquids.


About IndeJuice – London

IndeJuice was founded in 2017 to help connect vapers to undiscovered juice makers, and quickly became the UK’s leading eJuice marketplace in an up and coming industry.

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4th Floor 18 St Cross St
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