Key Kong Locksmith offers fast and reliable locksmith services to help maintain security at homes and provide assistance in regaining access to your home or vehicle in San Antonio and nearby areas.

Key Kong Locksmith put the security of your property first. They believe their locksmith company to be trustworthy, professional, and efficient. These are the qualities they have offered to their clients for over ten years.

You trust each one of their technicians because they know how to get you out of trouble without damaging your property or making you waste money and time.

Key Kong Locksmith has an experienced team of locksmith technicians in San Antonio, and they all are willing to go the extra mile to make you feel safe again.

It may be a new security hardware installation or an emergency lockout service, and they will always be there to offer you expert advice and cost-efficient solutions.

Key Kong Locksmith offers guaranteed satisfaction. A good locksmith company is trustworthy, professional, and efficient. These are the qualities you need the most if you’re looking for a locksmith. They guarantee you the most professional service in the San Antonio area.

Key Kong Locksmith in San Antonio will provide you with all of your locksmith needs such as residential, commercial & auto locksmith services.

At Key Kong Locksmith, they provide you with highly trained locksmiths, and they have specialists that work with stylish hardware for residential clients, sturdy and reliable commercial products, or sophisticated automotive security measures.

Other services provided by the company are Emergency Locksmith, Locked and Broke keys And Access Control.

Key Kong Locksmith in San Antonio is a team of dedicated professionals who care for your safety.

Key Kong Locksmith knows that your security needs are unique. These must be addressed only by specially trained technicians who focus on locks and security systems designed for companies, office buildings, industrial facilities, and even government and healthcare institutions.

The locksmiths at Key Kong are experts when it comes to systems crafted to withstand heavy use, provide features thought for specific commercial needs, guard valuables and information, and provide safety for your workforce.

Essential Kong Locksmiths have been in the business for decades, and have been highly trained to install, service, repair and replace any system designed for commercial use.

They have serviced companies in almost any industry in San Antonio. These include:

  • Office
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Warehouse
  • High Rise
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Fitness

So, if you need to improve the protection level of your home doors, or need assistance with any of your locks and keys, Key Kong Locksmith in San Antonio is here to help.

No matter where you are in San Antonio, one of their company’s mobile units is just a few minutes away so you won’t have to wait long. They will let you in your car as quickly as possible without hidden fees.

Only experts in the automotive field know how to perform car lock replacements and anti-theft measures installations, that’s why Key Kong is the best at this. According to Key Kong Locksmiths, there are many companies like themselves adopting access control technology, as it becomes extremely popular.

You should call Key Kong locksmith experts today if you want to know more about access control systems for your home, office, institutional facilities or big industrial venues.

You can ring them on 210-900-6996 or email them at


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Our company has been serving San Antonio and surrounding areas with professional, courteous, and fast emergency locksmith services for over 10 years. We are a professional San Antonio locksmith business that provides customers with one-on-one personal service.

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