KratomSpace has just released a comprehensive guide to kratom alternatives. For those unfamiliar with the term kratom, interestingly, it comes from the leaves of a tropical tree in South East Asia. Those who take kratom at low doses will feel stimulant effects. KratomSpace shares a diagram on their site of the US where Kratom is legal, and it shows most of the country.

In several states, however, kratom is banned or regulated, and you can check out the latest information with their comprehensive survey of kratom’s legality on their website. KratomSpace is proud of its community of knowledge, providing information and articles about the uses, strains, vendors of kratom, and even educational information.

The Strongest Kratom

According to KratomSpace, choosing the most potent kratom depends on you as a person, your needs, and your required dosage. Each kratom has a specific use, and different kratom alkaloids cause different effects; for instance, you can select the strongest kratom for energizing effects, pain-relief, or anxiety, and every one of these is strong in their own right.

KratomSpace however, has found the strongest in each category. Some examples include; PurKratom’s White Maeng Da, which is the strongest kratom for energy; Coastline Kratom’s Red Vein Bali, the most potent kratom for pain relief; and PurKratom’s Red Vein Borneo is the strongest kratom for anti-anxiety effects.

There is extensive information about each one of these kratoms on KratomSpace, and each kratom product is even listed with a link to check the price.

Kratom alternatives

KratomSpace have recently released a comprehensive to kratom alternatives on the market today. They mention that –  ‘there are some other members of the plant kingdom capable of giving people relief.’

The alternatives available are similar to kratom but suitable for individuals who need help with anxiety or other issues where Kratom isn’t necessary, and considering kratom is banned in some US cities and states this becomes negative for many people. Hence, they prefer an alternative to kratom.

KratomSpace lists the most popular alternatives to kratom, which are; akuamma seeds, kava kava, blue lotus, and muira puama.

These four plants are the closest to kratom, where you can feel the benefits but without the strong effects. Before you consider any plant alternative to kratom or kratom itself, it is advised that you seek professional medical advice.

More information

Another important tree that is used for medicinal purposes is akuamma, a tree native to Africa. KratomSpace mentions that the rest of the world still have to educate themselves about this tree. Particularly for those interested in an alternative to Kratom itself, many individuals need to understand how this plant works.

Akuamma is similar to Kratom in terms of its effects and benefits as they both can stimulate, boost stamina, and regulate discomfort caused by pain. Yet, research has shown that different individuals prefer akuamma over kratom and vice versa depending on how they feel and if they immediately feel results.

For those who prefer Kratom, they choose it because of the ever so popular kratom tea in Southeast Asia. Many teas provide digestive and calming properties, and kratom tea has many benefits too. It is more palatable; it avoids the need for powder; it’s easier on the stomach and the intestines, and it’s more sanitary. The best way to enjoy kratom tea is to simmer and steep the kratom leaves.

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