Larenz Winford Credit Repair has just opened in Gallatin, Tennessee on 1/09/2020. Larenz Winford Credit Repair provides services such as credit repair, credit counselling service, and credit restoration service to the residents of Gallatin, Sumner County and Tennessee.

Larenz Winford Credit Repair explains what credit repair is and how they can help you fix your credit with the help of their excellent team. According to Larenz Winford, Credit repair involves ‘addressing and removing’ the negative items that are causing your credit profile to stand out for the wrong reasons.

They mention that many Americans have a low credit score due to unfair negative items that are contributing to their low score, and the worst part is that many Americans have no idea. There are ways to remove negative items, and the credit reporting agencies can assist you in repairing your credit, but they make you go through their online dispute systems which never helps the consumer because they always side the credit companies. The process can also take a lot of time and effort on your part.

However, Larenz Winford Credit Repair will look after you and your credit score the moment you get in contact with them. They offer a free consultation.  First, they will research and find the negative items, and then they’ll start to fight for you to get all negative and erroneous items using the best credit repair process.

The credit repair process at Larenz Winford Credit Repair is very simple and straightforward. They will begin with a credit report analysis, then proceed the credit repair process, and then finally credit score analysis and mentoring.

If you would like to get started today and begin the process, Larenz Winford Credit Repair has a 3-phase process. Larenz Winford will discuss your goals and will give you a timeline to achieve your goals. Once you contact them, they will begin work within two business days and start to remove any negative items, then wait for the credit bureaus, which takes roughly 30 days.

If everything passes through the system at this stage, then they will see if you are ready to move to phase two. If your credit is looking better, then they check to see if your goals have changed and assist you on how to add positive credit, increase credit lines, and correct any payment history errors.

In the final phase, phase three is the best phase, according to Larenz Winford, as you can finally apply for that mortgage loan, car loan, or business credit. They mention that once you have reached one of these goals after applying, email them directly about achieving it.

At Larenz Winford Credit Repair, you can avail of their credit repair service for only $99.00 per month, and this includes everything from bureau challenges to creditor intervention, score analysis, and many more.

You must get in touch with Larenz Winford Credit Repair today if you are wondering about your credit score as they can provide you with the best credit repair service or credit counseling service. There is a lot of information about credit repair on their website if you would like to read more about it before contacting the team, you can find them online at

If you prefer, you can call Larenz Winford Credit Repair today on 615 206-8554 and ask for a free credit consultation to be arranged to discuss your credit score.


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