Lauraine Kanders offers her services to help patients obtain a medical marijuana certification and card in the entire State of New York via secure video conferencing. The company understands that medical marijuana has major benefits for severe, chronic debilitating conditions that people face. With this, they have decided to offer their services to help patients with their specific conditions to meet their needs.

The company offers same day certification for the convenience and peace of mind of their patients. Lauraine and her team also provide one on one expert consultation. They accommodate the needs of their patients promptly, because they want to bring them the highest possible satisfaction that they deserve and desire.

As a trustworthy provider, Lauraine Kanders only offers the best and consistent customer support until the job is completed. Lauraine and her team make sure that their patients can have a hassle-free process. Patients can get their medical marijuana card through the following steps.

  • Step 1

Patients can look to see if they are qualified for medical marijuana. Then, they can submit their documents by email or fax.

  • Step 2

Patient can schedule an appointment online. The appointment can take for 20-30 minutes under the expert guidance of Lauraine Kanders, NP or designee who are licensed New York State medical marijuana practitioners.

  • Step 3

Following the visit, patients can expect a certification that will allow them to register for a NYS medical marijuana card. Exact steps are laid out for the patient to apply to New York State Health Department to get their card.

Lauraine Kanders, NP makes sure that the certification services are provided in the best, safest, most affordable and professional manner. The practitioners welcome new patient referrals. The team is committed to helping New Yorkers to get certified for medical marijuana as quickly and as easily as possible by seeing them online. They also provide a follow-up service with an NYS medical marijuana practitioner to make sure that their clients get optimal results when treating their condition.

Lauraine Kanders NP also provide annual re-certification services for existing patients when their annual certification is up. Lauraine and her team are always ready to assist their patients in renewing their certification in compliance with NYS requirements via telemedicine. Services to re-certify are always provided at a discounted rate and are the lowest around.

Lauraine Kanders also offers re-certification for new patients. Lauraine and her team often times re-certify patients who previously were seen by others. They also provide their services at a friendly and practical cost via convenient online chatting. Lauraine Kanders, ANP, ACNP-BC has an expert team that provides these services to patients suffering from approved severe, chronic, debilitating conditions so that they can legally treat their condition with medical marijuana in New York.

Lauraine Kanders, NP and the team at Medical Marijuana Recs NY work with transparency, honesty, and integrity because they value a positive working relationship with their patients. Lauraine and her team place a high premium on the health and wellness of their patients so they are supported fully to improve their health status.

The goal of the Lauraine Kanders, NP and the practitioners at Medical Marijuana Recs NY is to help patients reach their goals. They understand that debilitating conditions like chronic pain and cancer should not stop one from living a joyful and satisfying life. With this, they have decided to bring their services to add hope for the patients who are facing a difficult situation in their lives. The quality of work, affordable rates, ease of visitation and their excellent customer support are the reasons why they gain the trust of their customers.


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