The long-running metal roofing company in Lubbock – Jones & Associates has served 15,000 customers to date. The company may be located in Lubbock, but it is also serving Midland and Odessa markets as well. The steel siding Lubbock company has been in business since May 1987, over 33 years.

If you’re looking for new windows in Lubbock, the team at Jones & Associates has you covered. With years of experience installing state of the art windows and doors in all types of homes, they are the best at windows and siding in Lubbock, TX.

This is because every employee hired at Jones & Associates is required to go on a course and learn about each product they install, from window replacement products to various windows such as the Simonton vinyl. So, it is no surprise that each member of the team is highly educated and experienced for window installation.

Jones & Associates install high-quality doors and energy-saving windows for the residents of Midland/Odessa, and Lubbock who have noticed a decrease in their monthly energy bills.

Jones & Associates also provide a metal roofing service to residents, and they believe there are many advantages to having metal roofing and siding in Lubbock, TX. Apparently, in this climate, your roof needs to be strong enough to protect against the harsh weather conditions. This means you will need a roofing system with – ‘high strength material,’ and the solution to this is metal roofing.

Fortunately, Jones & Associates are the primary sources for metal roofing and siding installation in Lubbock TX and throughout West Texas. The metals used by Jones & Associates leaves you with a roof that can protect you against all types of weather. The team at Jones & Associates considers metal roofing to be the best at protecting against harsh weather.

Jones & Associates also mention that new siding will provide you with so many benefits at home. If you choose to sell your home, the energy-efficient siding service at Jones & Associates will leave potential buyers very interested in purchasing your home.

Jones & Associates aim to make your home look new and improved and also ensure it protects you and your family against any threats, therefore saving you money.

Jones & Associates have a wide range of updates on their website’s homepage, each update is uploaded in a blog form, and the information is beneficial if you haven’t availed of Jones & Associates services or any roofing or window service before.

Some of the articles are about roof leaks and the damage it can cause to your home if you don’t get it fixed by a professional, or they have written some tips on how to improve the beauty and increase the value of your home, and many more. You can find them all on their website.

If you’re looking for side installation in Lubbock, or any roofing or window service, contact Jones & Associates today and schedule a consultation or book an appointment with a representative today on +1 806-796-1913 or you can go online and check out all their useful blogs about new windows, etc., at


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Our team of replacement window contractors has years of experience installing beautiful windows and doors in all types of homes. Each team member who handles new window installation is required to take classes on all the products we install, including…

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