Maropost provides top solutions for entrepreneurs and e-commerce companies to use and sell their products online in addition to e-commerce solutions such as shopping carts, payment processing, managing subscriptions, and more. Maropost works with travel and tourism companies and media and entertainment too.

Maropost’s primary goal is to ensure you connect with your customers, especially in e-commerce, you want to communicate with your customer at every sale. It is no surprise that companies such as e-commerce start-ups, scale-ups, and well-known brands turn to Maropost as they have the perfect solutions.

E-commerce with Maropost

When you choose Maropost, you are guaranteed to find new fans, build better relationships, and, most importantly, your customers will be coming back to buy more products.

Over 10,000 marketers trust Maropost for the best solutions, and with their assistance, have grown their revenue by 46%. If you’d like to find out how Maropost did this, go online to their site for all the information.

Maropost understands the best strategies to use for their clients. First, they know how to make it personal; this involves personalized e-commerce campaigns with your customers’ motivations in mind. An interesting fact about these campaigns is that at least 93% of customers will purchase from you if you are dispersed across a range of channels.

With Maropost, you can get the campaigns and the ball rolling from the moment you say go. Maropost will send automated abandoned carts, replenishment, and re-engagement campaigns at the perfect time to reach your customers and also send automatic welcome emails and discounts. Not to mention, surveys with the drag and drop journey builder. You can also simplify purchase confirmations and order tracking with automated emails.

E-commerce Platform

Maropost will help you drive revenue with its brilliant e-commerce platform. For instance, Maropost’s shopping cart solutions are so quick and efficient that you will have your products online and selling without delay. It even includes white-labeled forms that lead to simpler transactions and quick conversions and, which has shown to increase your customer’s lifetime value.

So why not avail of Maropost’s 14-day free trial today. They are also offering this trial right now to show you how easy it is to set it up and convert.

The benefits of this platform don’t stop there, though, you will also receive a picture of your customer’s marketing and commerce activity through the customer management platform. This gives you the chance to understand your customers better and their engagement on your site and their shopping habits. It will also allow you to look at their contact info and their order history too.

Sticker You is one prime example of how effective Maropost’s platform is, with increased open rates by 497%. For StickerYou, this meant click-through rates jumped from 10% to 50%.

Choose Maropost today, your e-commerce site will be transformed, and those browsers will now be buyers. Maropost emphasizes timing, and Maropost will use real-time analytics and comprehensive buyer reports to check what’s working.

If you’d like to find out your sales, orders, and profits as well as reports, repeat customers, and more, book a demo with Maropost today at all you have to do is enter your contact information along with the number of emails you send per month and wait for a representative to get in touch.


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