Mitochondrial Rescue, the leading proponent, and specialists on mitochondrial health, offer their services to the masses. They use the body’s heart rate variability to figure out and determine the health of a patient. This technique ensures that their mitochondrial therapy is working and is effective in helping their patients to recover faster and more efficiently.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the variation in time between someone’s heartbeats. It is affected by a lot of factors, including medication, illnesses, age, diet, and even mentality. It is essential to maintain a high HRV as this denotes good health and longer lifespans. Recovery and relaxation are greatly affected by the HRV, which is why when someone is sick, their HRV increases to increase the rate of improvement within the body.

Practitioners at Mitochondrial Rescue LLC, use HRV readings to measure ‘the power levels of the body and the stress it is under.’ The company focuses on nurturing and taking care of the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, rather than traditional treatments and medicine. Research suggests that targeting and cultivating the energy manufacturers in your body through mitochondrial therapy can increase their output and ultimately, your health.

Low energy created by the mitochondria is usually attributed to both aging or recent illnesses and injuries. The mitochondria have exhausted its power and are unable to create more. This is why many patients suffer from constant tiredness and exhaustion as if their body doesn’t even have the energy to move. Mitochondrial therapy can bring back the energy that the patient lost during the repair process of their body. This will help with faster recovery and to increase people’s heart rate variations.

Mitochondrial health is essential to all people. First of all, it decreases the risk of diseases and infections in people, and proponents also claim that it can reduce the rate of aging. Mitochondrial rescue aims to improve the mitochondrial health of people, and generally, their overall health. If let disregarded, a person’s mitochondria might take a lot of time, maybe even years, to recover from its exhaustion.

The use of HRV to measure the health and power levels of a patient’s body is essential. This will determine when the patient should stop their treatment, and of course, if the treatment works at all. The fluctuation in heartbeats can be affected by mitochondrial therapy. Most of the mitochondrial are found in cells that make and give of a lot of energy, like the heart, brain, and skeletal cells.

As more and more energy is supplied to the heart from the mitochondria, the fluctuations, the HRV, will also increase.


About Mitochondrial Rescue:

Mitochondrial Rescue ( is a company that focuses on mitochondrial health and technology. They use mitochondrial treatments to return your cell’s lost vigor and strength. They claim that their treatments can decrease the risk of diseases and cell breakdown. Their Practitioners are mainly located in the United Kingdom and offer consultations for patients. The company also offers medications for patients and mitochondrial therapy training for interested practitioners


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Mitochondrial Rescue LLC is an international organization dedicated to supporting and training Practitioners with a scientifically backed program to “Rescue” people’s mitochondria.  Introducing a new paradigm to healing and targeting the root of where all dis-ease in the body starts,…

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