Montie Skaggs will soon start Facebook ads and digital marketing agency. They will run profitable Facebook Ads to help business owners to generate more leads and sales through their online ads. Montie Skaggs has extensive experience in digital marketing and bases in Aurora, Illinois.

Montie Skaggs already started different businesses like Blue Wave Marketing, Aurora Mobile Detail, National Contractors Lead Generation, and, which is a corporation in Illinois. The national contractor leads program is its successful business. They send more than 15,000 calls monthly to contractors in different industries. In this case, 4000 are qualified 120-second leads that come with the excellent conversion rate. They already generate more than $500,000 every month in revenue with their contractor partners.

Montie Skaggs decided to begin Facebook Ads Agency to help business owners increase their brand recognition more affordably and reliably. The company understands that social media, particularly Facebook, is already a big part of the daily lifestyle of the millions of people across the globe. With this, they are happy to bring their digital marketing services to help their clients achieve a high level of success and satisfaction for their business.

With the Clickthrough Inc., people have the chance to increase their brand recognition without sacrificing a significant amount of their money. They do age, and gender split testing, customer research, landing page development, automated lead database systems, mechanical follow-up systems, and others.

Montie Skaggs makes sure that they follow the right procedures to make their Facebook ads and digital marketing services successful. They have a team that is committed to helping their customers attain their business goals. They have careful planning because they don’t like to commit mistakes that can disappoint their clients.

They also have a helpful team that never fails to give excellent and consistent customer support to their clients. They value the respect and trust that they get from their customers, so they work hard to develop the best strategies to enhance the quality of their services. They implement a holistic approach to give the best results for the business projects of their valued customers.

They adhere to the right Facebook Ads Program carefully done on a step by step basis. This program is conducted through Customer Research, Age and Gender Split Testing, Landing Pages, Text Notifications, Soap Opera Sequence, Strategy Sessions, 30 Customer opportunities monthly with money back guarantee.

The digital marketing and Facebook Ads of Montie Skaggs were developed to help business enthusiasts that want to grow their business at less cost, time, and effort of promoting. The company will continue to improve their services because they are passionate about helping businesses to level up their game on their specific niche or industry.


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My name is Montie Skaggs, I am an internet entrepreneur from Aurora, Illinois. Recently I have started various businesses, including Aurora Mobile Detail, Blue Wave Marketing, National Contractors Lead Generation, and most recently,Clickthrough Inc. an Illinois Corporation.

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