New SEO Company, Quantum SEO Lab have just launched their new SEO services with a 20% Discount. The SEO Company is based in Toronto, Ontario. They are happy to announce they will give a 20% discount on their SEO services, which will take place from January until March 2020. Quantum SEO Lab, unlike other businesses in the industry, bases its company around three essential values, these are: outstanding results, trustworthiness and outstanding communication. They currently serve clients across Canada and the United States.

Henry Schweizer, Head of Marketing at Quantum SEO Lab, states that, “We specialize in traffic, conversions and maximizing ROI. From increasing brand awareness, to lead capturing and ultimately bringing more customers to our clients. At QUANTUM SEO Lab we bring the entire marketing funnel together. We are extremely excited about the launch of our new services and know that this will benefit our clients tremendously”.

Quantum SEO Lab is always working on improving their SEO methods and strategies to demonstrate to their clients that they are the top SEO company in Toronto. For instance, the SEO company offers an SEO audit tool for free that allows you to check the health of your website. If you are finding it difficult to get traffic to your website, this tool will analyze your site and find a solution to help your business grow. The SEO audit tool also gives you an extensive analysis report, plus a comprehensive competitor analysis to see how your SEO ranks up against your competition.

Another service offered by Quantum SEO Lab for Canadian and U.S. based local businesses is to improve online presence with Google SEO. The SEO company helps you get more traffic to your website from Google in 2020 and beyond.

The team at Quantum SEO Lab are committed to building highly effective search engine optimization services that will include proprietary strategies that help business owners rank high in search engines, while taking the leadership position and becoming the main competitor in the marketplace. The SEO company uses the latest tactics and strategies to ensure the best outcome, for example tapping into the power of search engine marketing.

The SEO company works with you to ensure that your business grows organically in order to get more visitors, leads and ultimately more customers. The team of experts at Quantum SEO will work hard so that your website will get top positions in Google and other search engines.

The SEO Consultants at Quantum SEO Lab have over 30 years of professional combined experience. They provide the best results using highly effective SEO methods and strategies for every client and their business. With the launch of their new SEO services, they are even offering a 20% discount, unlike other SEO companies. If you would like to take advantage of this discount, contact Quantum SEO Lab today by going online to their website at or get in touch via email at


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We are SEO Consultants specialized in digital marketing, search engine marketing services and SEO. Currently, we are working with clients in Canada and the United States. While we love meeting with our clients face-to-face sometimes that just is not possible.…

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