Nurse Salary Guide feature a new nursing blog section on their website. Nurse Salary Guide provides career information for a wide range of nursing specialties, and their guides cover everything you need to know as a nurse.

Their detailed nursing career guides are for a range of nurses from a Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist to a Certified Nurse Midwife, and many more.

On their website, Nurse Salary Guide reports that a nurse’s salary varies by state, and you can go online to Registered Nursing salaries in each state in the U.S. to find out. They also mention that in the US, the average annual salary for a Registered Nurse is currently $73,550.

Interestingly, nursing salaries in California are the highest across most nursing career guides – you can check their detailed salary page on their website.

With regards to their new blog section on their website, Nurse Salary Guide has a variety of exciting blog posts to read.

One of their most recent blog posts is – Best psychiatric facilities in California. In the blog post, Nurse Salary Guide talks about the stigma of mental health issues, and that many people today are seeking treatment for many reasons. That with an addiction or a severe mental health problem, there are facilities out there.

Also, in the blog, they compiled a list of the best psychiatric facilities in California in which many of these hospitals have roles for qualified nurses. Nurse Salary Guide has also written about the top nursing schools in California and the best nursing schools in Texas.

Nurse Salary Guide understands how difficult it can be to find the right college or university. Nurse salary Guide is always helping and assisting nurses around the US with information; that’s why they listed their top 10 nursing schools in Texas. To make the report even more beneficial, they use the schools NCLEX-RN pass rates to rank the schools.

Since Texas is one of the larger states, it offers many schools of nursing and Registered Nurses in Texas, and they also earn above the national average in their field. Nurse Salaries in Texas. It is an excellent resource for salaries including RN, Nurse Practitioner, LVN, and Nurse Anesthetist CRNA.

The Nurse Salary Guide gives a tremendous amount of information; they even write about universities in California offering CRNA and DNP programs.

Nurse Salary Guide mentions that nurse anesthesia is a highly specialized area of nursing, and with that comes extensive training. For instance, in California, six universities are offering a CRNA or DNP programs. For any registered nurse, this is a rewarding career and has enormous earning potential.

Nurse Salary Guide reference the AANA as they state that by 2025, all CRNA programs will change from the current Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia degree to a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice. Therefore, all nurse anesthetists qualified before 2025 will not have to go back and study as they will be “grandfathered” in. Again, you can check this on their website in further detail.

Nurse Salary Guide welcomes any questions or comments, go online to their website, and fill out their form on the contact page. Or click on their new blog section – Nurse Blog and read some of their recent blog posts.

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