Phi Surgery will provide you with everything you need to know if you’re considering a breast augmentation. The clinic is owned by Dr. Perry Gdalevitch, a leader in cosmetic surgery in Montreal and located in Mount Royal.

The clinic is well-known for its excellent work ethic and aesthetic practice. Phi Surgery gives patients many surgical and non-surgical treatment options, helping them appear physically more proportional and beautiful. However, Phi Surgery believes that each person’s body is beautiful regardless of their shape or size.

Phi Surgery offers its patients the most advanced and superior techniques to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. They take pride in enabling patients to elevate their beauty in different ways, such as with breast augmentation.

So, what is breast augmentation, and who is it for? Phi Surgery explains that breast augmentation is generally only for women who feel that their breasts are too small in proportion to their bodies. It is a procedure for those who want to increase the size of their breasts. Since it is an elective procedure, it is not covered by the RAMQ. If you decide to go ahead with the surgery, you can opt for either implants or a fat transfer. The latter option is called fat grafting and involves a liposuction procedure on another part of your body and the injection of the harvested fat into your breasts.

Phi Surgery has an ample amount of information about breast augmentation for those considering the procedure, even providing advice on who would make the right candidate for breast implants.

A suitable candidate would usually be a thin-framed woman that does not smoke and has no serious health problems. Breast augmentation surgery is not suitable for bodybuilders, smokers, or those with underlying medical problems.

Women opting for the surgery should understand that they will have scars on their chests following the surgery. The size of the breast implant surgery scar depends on the type of implant and the position. This will be explained when you book an appointment. It is essential to choose the right implant for you, and this can be decided with the help of your surgeon.

Once the surgery has been completed, the recovery period is quite short. Most women experience about two days of pain and two weeks for the skin to heal. However, it will take two months for the breasts to settle and two years for the scars to fade. Phi Surgery recommends taking two to three weeks off work and avoiding any upper body exercising for at least four to six weeks.

Phi Surgery has a motto for their clients: “Let your inner beauty shine.” They believe in a happy patient, so why not book an appointment with Phi Surgery today?

Contact Phi Surgery today if you’re considering breast augmentation for the first time. Their trusted surgeons will meet with you and provide you with as much information as you need. All you have to do is get in touch with them by phone today on 514-967-4744 and schedule an appointment. You can also email any queries you may have about the procedure and a representative of Phi Surgery will get back to you shortly. You can also find more information about the procedure and Phi Surgery at


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