Cibik & Cataldo, P.C., are Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is committed to providing superior, cost-efficient legal services to their clients. For those who have fallen on hard times, Cibik & Cataldo offers compassionate and understanding assistance. The law firm focuses on consumer and business bankruptcy, serving individuals and small business owners.

Cibik & Cataldo have been serving the Philadelphia area for over 35 years. They have assisted thousands of clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, including Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, and Chester County. The law firm is fully staffed and located in Center City, Philadelphia.

Bankruptcy attorneys Michael A. Cibik, Esq. and Michael A. Cataldo, Esq. are experts in the industry, with over 35 years of experience as bankruptcy lawyers. Both attorneys are certified by the American Bankruptcy Certification Board. ABC Certification ensures a level of trust and authenticity for the public so they can know that they are in the right hands. This certification also pushes attorneys towards excellence, recognizing lawyers that meet their rigorous standards. Cibik and Cataldo are two of only a handful of bankruptcy attorneys in Philadelphia who meet these standards, providing their expertise on well over 20,000 personal bankruptcies.

Cibik & Cataldo focus solely on bankruptcy and debt consolidation. They are specialists in their field, and their commitment to bankruptcy law sets them apart from the competition. Both have years of experience, as well as significant continuing education and training throughout the years. Their extensive knowledge in the field provides their clients with superior service.

The law firm of Cibik & Cataldo helps people file for bankruptcy under the protection of federal law. There are many misconceptions surrounding filing for bankruptcy and bankruptcy law. Creditors and collection agencies may discourage filing for bankruptcy: don’t listen to the rumors. Put your trust in attorneys who have dedicated their careers to helping others navigate bankruptcy law.

Cibik & Cataldo primarily provides assistance with bankruptcy filings under chapter 7, chapter 13, or chapter 11. Individuals will likely file under chapter 7 or 13, while businesses may file bankruptcy under chapter 7 or chapter 11. These experienced attorneys will walk you through each step of the process and explain your options, providing relief to those facing debt.

Cibik & Cataldo look closely at each case, and remind their clients that every situation and case is different. They encourage in-person meetings with all of their clients for an in-depth analysis and discussion of their debt and their options moving forward. A first consultation to assess your debt is free; come in to discuss your options and Cibik & Cataldo will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

About Cibik & Cataldo, P.C.

Cibik & Cataldo, P.C. has been in business for 35 years, assisting those in need of bankruptcy legal services and advice in the Greater Philadelphia area. This debt-relief agency serves individuals and businesses as they file for bankruptcy, providing their years of expertise to help others navigate the legal process. Both Mr. Cibik and Mr. Cataldo are members of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and are ABC certified, ensuring their capability and confidence in handling client cases.

If you or someone you know in the Philadelphia area needs debt consolidation legal counsel or the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney, contact Cibik & Cataldo, P.C. today to schedule a free consultation.


About Cibik & Cataldo

Cibik & Cataldo, P.C., has provided superior, cost-efficient, and value-oriented bankruptcy legal services in a compassionate and respectful manner to thousands of clients in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The bankruptcy law firm of Cibik & Cataldo, P.C., is fully-staffed, located in Philadelphia,…

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