Prodigy Credit Repair Software offers the Only Pay As You Go Credit Repair Software on the Market, with no monthly fees, no contracts, and, most importantly, no commitments at all. The credit repair software offered by Prodigy is easy to use, it’s economical, and it will help you increase productivity.

It’s not just easy to use, it is an automated credit repair letter generating system, all you do is follow the steps if you are a beginner and instantly become a novice. This is a pay as you go software, so you don’t have to worry about any costly monthly fees, ideal for any credit repair company, small or large. The most valuable feature of this credit repair software is that it is the fastest software on the market today.

Why Prodigy Credit Repair Software?

You can get started with Prodigy Credit Repair Software today and sign up for a free demo. With the credit repair software, you can analyze credit reports in no time, from hard inquires, charging offs, late payments and bankruptcies all delivered efficiently.

You can also build a strong relationship with your customers, thanks to the quick processing time of Prodigy, so you can focus on growing your customers and clientele. Not only does it have a fast processing time, but according to Prodigy, – the ‘aggressive verbiage equals successful campaigns every day.’

If you’re interested in processing your credit files without it being time-consuming, then check out Prodigy online for yourself. On their site, you will see how the Credit Repair Software is ideal for businesses and DIY credit repair individuals.

Pricing plans

If you choose Prodigy Surge and its superb Credit Repair Software, you must decide on a basic plan, a business plan, or an enterprise plan. Selecting one of these plans will help you get started on building and enhancing your business.

Each price plans vary depending on what you need for your business or yourself as a DIY credit repair individual. With the basic plan, it’s only $27 for 1 GA (generational attacks), and the price decreases per generation as you purchase more GAs, and there are no high monthly fees with this plan.

Whereas the business plan starts at $297.00 for 17 GAs, which each GA decrease in price when you purchase more GA’s, but you can pay as needed with this plan. The enterprise plan would be ideally suited to large companies as the starting GAs begins at $697.00 for 62 GAs. With any additional generations over 100 at $7.00 each.

Prodigy Credit Repair Software would like to mention that the generations do expire every 30 days, so make sure to buy at least 1 credit before the 30-day limit, and they will roll over to the next month.

More information:

Avail of the Prodigy Credit Repair Software today from Prodigy’s number one affiliate, they are affiliate marketers who will receive a commission if they are referred to. What’s excellent about Prodigy is that you don’t have to own your business; you can work on your credit, but you are advised to go through proper training.

Sign up today with Prodigy and get the fastest and most efficient Credit Repair Software online at, and you can email any queries to


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Prodigy Credit Repair Software today from Prodigy’s number one affiliate, they are affiliate marketers who will receive a commission if they are referred to.

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