Roten Homes announce a move of their Sales Office to 7820 58th Street Lubbock, TX 79407.  The new sales office is also their new Primary Model Home. At the same time, they announce two new model homes located at 7818 58th and 9616 Huron. The two new homes on 58th are located in the brand-new Escondido Ranch subdivision in West Lubbock.

Roten Homes is a Custom Home Builder and specializes in custom build homes where luxury is a natural element of the houses, and they work closely with their clients to make it an extraordinary experience.

“Where to begin…turning the impossible to possible and dreams into reality. Who would have known that when Chelsey stopped by Roten Homes that the end result would have been the perfect home. The difference you have made in our lives is hard to express.

“Chelsey started with a simple dream on paper. Our experience and willingness to listen led to a home that is beautiful, comfortable and very functional for her. “The quality of materials and craftsmanship will allow this home to bless our family for many years to come. From the very beginning, your personal involvement with your clients was noteworthy. We were overwhelmed when you reached out to others in the building community, which resulted in many added benefits for Chelsey in her home, making navigation easier and life more enjoyable both indoors and outdoors. The wide doorways, pocket doors, room layout, and yes, that huge bathroom and closet! As we watched the construction, family and friends would question the large size of the master bath and closet…It is wonderful! The utility room and open pantry…fantastic! The kitchen cabinet design with drawers and convenient placement of switches for lights, fans, garbage disposal, etc….amazing!”

“The extra-large patio, wide front walkway, beautiful trees, and yard…outstanding! Chelsey would drive by regularly during construction. We loved getting updates, texts, and pictures from her and hearing the joy and excitement in her voice when we talked to her. Thank you for involving Chelsey regularly as the construction progressed. Chelsey is very proud of her home, as we are proud of her! Thank you for taking your time, experience, resources, and passion and sharing them with her. In short, thank you all for taking her under your wing. ” says The Price Family

Roten Homes – New Home Builder can be contacted at:

Roten Homes

7820 58th Street

Lubbock, TX 79407

Phone: 806-745-2873


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To bring high quality living accommodations that are designed, constructed, priced, sold, and maintained with the customer’s needs and wants in mind every step of the way. We want to make the home building experience to be one of excitement…

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