SAN ANTONIO, Texas – If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own backyard swimming pool, there’s no better time than the present as Sanchez Pools is holding one of its best ever sales in advance of the upcoming summer season.

Through this exclusive offer, the in-ground swimming pool of your dreams can be realized for well under $50,000, a significant savings from regular prices advertised during much of the calendar year. Sanchez Pools is one of the top swimming pool contractors in the San Antonio metropolitan area. They are only offering this money saving deal for a short time, however.

“As we draw closer to the summer months here in southern Texas, this is a way for area homeowners to realize their dream of pool ownership before contractors in the area start getting extremely busy,” says Eddie Sanchez, owner of Sanchez Pools. “If you’ve ever considered a swimming pool for you and your family, there’s no better time than right now to get the ball rolling.”

This special offer comes with a final price tag of $45,800, which includes literally everything you’ll need to begin enjoying the cool waters of your very own swimming pool with friends and family.

The complete package includes all pumps, equipment, permits, concrete, excavation and everything else you’ll need to get from the planning phase to final completion. Designs will include smart pool LED lighting, a pool cover and much more.

“We realize that some of our competitors like to add on items at the last minute and then charge more for them,” says Sanchez. “But we have a hard earned reputation in southern Texas and everything we advertise is already worked into the final price.

This offer literally includes all you’ll need to begin enjoying your swimming pool in time for the summer season.”

Sanchez Pools is recognized as one of the top swimming pool builders in southern Texas, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. For more information on Sanchez Pools, call 210-732-5202.


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