Slip and Fall accidents occur all over the USA.  In states such as New Jersey that have extreme weather conditions, there is an increased risk of slip and fall accidents. There is a range of factors during the winter months that can cause a slip and accident such as icy stairs, sidewalks, or parking lots.

If a slip and fall accident occurs on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  As personal injury attorneys, Console and Associates P.C. are aware that slip and fall accidents are the most common type of personal injury lawsuits.

The NJ slip and fall attorneys have created a list of slip and fall accidents that occur in New Jersey such as:

  • A trip and fall accident, tripping over an unknown object
  • A step and fall accident when you encounter an unexpected failure or hole while walking
  • A stump and fall accident when you trip over an impediment while walking

So where do slip and falls happen in New Jersey? Well, they can occur anywhere a safety hazard is left, which ultimately puts the people who visit the environment at risk of an accident occurring. Some common sites of slip and falls include:

  • Grocery stores spilled or leaking products from the refrigerated or frozen section
  • Restaurants, again spilled drinks, wet restrooms, and unexpected or dangerous steps

steps in and out of the buildings

  • Gas stations and convenience stores, entry into these can be slippery due to rain or ice
  • Private residences, if a slip and fall accidents occur on private property, you can pursue a claim against the owner

Slip, trip, step, and fall accidents can also occur from problems such as water, grease, i.e., or food on a walking surface. They can also happen on a poorly maintained walking surface including broken floorboards or crumbling steps, for example in poorly lit areas.

In New Jersey, Console and Associates P.C. can step in and help when you have a ‘slip and fall’ or a ‘trip and fall’ accident and are seriously injured. You are entitled to hold the property owner liable for compensation. If a slip and fall accident occurred in a store or place of business, you need to report the incident immediately and have the store manager create an incident report. Please do not fill out the report yourself or sign it unless you are sure that the accident has been accurately reported. Also, taking photos immediately before conditions change is a good idea.

In the case of an unclear liability, it is worth getting a personal injury attorney in New Jersey.  Regarding a slip and fall accident at work, generally, you cannot sue your employer over injuries sustained while on the job, unless your damage was caused by the negligence of some party other than your employer, But injuries suffered are usually covered by New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws.

Pursuing a slip and fall injury can take several months to many years to resolve, and a settlement reached.  However, despite their prevalence and the fact with slip and fall accidents generally result in serious injuries – slip and fall cases are difficult to win. The personal injury attorneys at Console and Associates P.C. will attempt to settle your lawsuit out of court which is advantageous to both parties, and often cases are settled before a trial begins.

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