Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery is an oral and facial cosmetic surgery based in Gilbert, Arizona. Sonoma is giving away an all-on four ™ dental implants procedure at no cost. The estimated value of the revolutionary All-on-4 implant procedure ( and treatment is an estimated $25,000 USD. Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery is currently holding a contest to win a revolutionary All-on-4 treatment for one lucky winner. The advanced dental team at Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery know that having beautiful teeth is vital for being able to smile with confidence. Knowing this, Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery is giving back to the community in a big way by giving one lucky winner an All-on-4 dental implant procedure that will instantly give them the perfect pearly white smile the very same day!

Interested participants for the contest can sign up and win the All-On-4 (implant supported teeth) which is a permanent solution for the dentures or failing teeth. The team of Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery is composed of a knowledgeable and well-experienced team that can accommodate the dental needs of their patients from beginning to end.

Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery is thankful for the support that they get from their thousands of clients. With that, they are happy to give back to the community by organizing a special contest where one winner will receive an All-On-4 dental implant treatment at no cost. Their specialized dental team also ensures that they have the most advanced dental equipment and will give you the gift of your perfect smile.

Armed with their dedication and extensive experience in the industry, Sonoma knows they can give you a confident smile in just a day with their top rated All-on-4 dental implant services. The contest is part of the company’s campaign known as Restoring Arizona Smiles. The lucky chosen patient will receive a full treatment which consists of surgery, pre-operative planning, immediate temporization as well as the final restoration with an implant that is supported by All-on-4™restoration at no cost.

The prospective patients can register or can be nominated by their health care provider, friends, or family at The link can also be found on Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery aims to offer an exceptional experience for their patients. They implement a holistic and comprehensive dental procedure to meet the dental needs of their thousands of hopeful patients.

Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery knows that dental health is an essential factor for the overall health of a person. With this, they offer complete and top-grade dental services that can make their clients smile confidently again and instantly boost their self-confidence. With thousands of happy loyal clients, they are giving away a full set of dental implants in a single visit…giving you a pearly white smile the very same day! They also offer consistent customer support to their patents and have customer service reps available to answer all your questions anytime. The team of the dental company is composed of professional doctors like Dr. Spanganberg who is known for immediate teeth replacement with All-On-4 as well as the Trefoil dental implant treatments.

The quality of their dental service is a source of their team’s confidence and pride, and they only use careful eyes and hands to make the most of their dental services. Aside from their top-quality services, they also gained the trust of their customers because of their professional and friendly team of dentists. They treat every patient like their family and perform their work well to make the patients feel comfortable while undergoing the dental procedure.


For the smile you deserve contact Sonoma Oral & Facial Surgery, visit their site at or email them at Their customer representative can also be contacted through their phone number (480) 279-3113.


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We provide comprehensive oral and facial surgery, Dental Implant Placement, including the All-on-4 implant procedure, the Trefoil implant procedure and placement of Zygoma implants.

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