May 2019, CARLSBAD, CA – The Ad Firm is proud to welcome Chris St. Peter and Daniela Dean to their team. St. Peter will be responsible for paid advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) administration. Dean will be delivering search engine optimized (SEO) sales copy and content writing for web pages, blogs, and social media platforms.

The Ad Firm operates as a transparent, no frills, results-based digital marketing firm that is regarded as one of the top rated SEO companies in San Diego The growth of its exceptional team will lead the company to new successes with the ability to manage its rapidly expanding clientele. Since being founded in 2009, the firm has been built on long-term results and long-term client relationships.

St. Peter joins the firm with four years of experience as a Paid Media Expert. St. Peter is also certified in Google Analytics and Adwords and is Inbound Marketing Certified with Hubspot. Dean joins after serving as a Marketing Assistant for a start-up construction company where she helped develop their long-term Internet marketing plans. She managed the company’s brand exposure, consumer engagement, lead generation, and sales. Dean was previously a freelance copywriter and holds a B.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley.

SEO and PPC are speedily growing in importance to Internet marketing as Google, among other tech giants, continue to bring sophistication to search engines. St. Peter and Dean’s first month of work has included supporting The Ad Firm’s many new clients. This duo of SEO and PPC talent will bring the Ad Firm to its next stage of development. The firm as a whole will be able to provide more clients with comprehensive, first-rate digital marketing efforts to maintain its position as the highest voted SEO company in San Diego.

New Talent Brings Creativity and Technical Savvy

Dean and St. Peter will both be helping the advancement of the firm’s deliverables and results-oriented success. Dean’s advertising expertise includes writing clear marketing copy to promote products and services as well as researching industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews, and studies). She is driven by providing enriching experiences for online readers and consumers; there is always a story to tell is her motto.

St. Peter’s skillfulness in paid advertising has led him far, and now the Ad Firm will be harnessing that skill. St. Peter specializes in Search, Display, Shopping, Youtube and Remarketing Advertising. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, St. Peter is very passionate about what he does and enjoys solving data-driven marketing problems. “I have the passion for making it happen and loving working with data, it’s important that I work with a cutting edge ppc company in San Diego” Mr. St. Peter replied when asked about how he deals with challenging projects and obstacles.

The Future is Bright

The Ad Firm uniquely offers transparency in an ever-evolving SEO and PPC landscape. The firm has a reputation for maintaining professional relationships for the long-haul, something Dean and St. Peter both strongly value. Dean is a firecracker creative with a passion for analytics, while St. Peter loves translating data into actionable insights for clients. In view of this promising step forward and we look forward to seeing the inevitable positive growth for the firm. The future looks bright for The Ad Firm team.

During their off time, the team also knows how to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Southern California. You can catch St. Peter during his leisure time exercising, watching the sunset at Torrey Pines, or watching one of his favorite shows, Mr. Robot. In her spare time, Dean oil paints realistic landscapes and portraits, goes on runs with her Golden Retriever Margaux, studies scripture, and plays guitar.

About The Ad Firm: Founded in 2009, The Ad Firm provides strategic, metric-based digital marketing support for businesses. It is a digital marketing firm that develops long-term Internet marketing plans for clients. The Ad Firm has achieved top-rated success in SEO, PPC, and Web Design San Diego.


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