The Bug’s End is launching a Brand-New Marketing Campaign for 2020, including a new website, logo, and new vans and trucks for the exterminator company.

The Bug’s End is a pest control company located in Longview, TX. It is a family-owned business focused solely on pest control services for the past 20 years with their home facilities located in East TX. They also provide their bug exterminator service to Longview and Tyler and surrounding cities.

Their specialty lies in roach and termite treatments for long term insect elimination, so if you’re looking for the best residential pest control, contact the Pest Control Longview TX company today to arrange a home inspection.

No matter what the pest issue is, moth infestation, rodents, termites, or any other types of pests, once you avail of the residential pest control Longview TX services at aThe Bug’s End, you will be in control of your home again.

Also, The Exterminator Longview TX company only uses humane methods when clearing pests out of your home as they are aware of the animal cruelty rules in place.

The Bug’s End pride themselves in their highly effective pest control methods, ensuring each customer’s home is safe again and with no animals or pets harmed in the process.

The Bug’s End will inspect the area and find an excellent way to remove the pests from your home and make sure they don’t come back. You will receive the best results with The Bug’s End.

Also, you will not have to pay a massive fortune when you hire the team at The Bug’s End, as they offer fair and reasonable prices for their residential pest control services. Just call them today and ask to speak to a member of the team.

The service offered at The Bug’s End is top-notch, and this is evident from the number of clients online who have written positive testimonials, even mentioning referrals.

It is important to call if you suspect any pests in your home such as pest droppings, evidence of nesting, damage to outdoor or even indoor plants, pest droppings in your home, or maybe some noise at night. Then you should contact The Bug’s End today.

Not only does The Bug’s End provide a top-notch residential pest control service, but they also offer the best commercial pest management in Longview, TX.

The expert team will provide effective pest management solutions for your commercial establishment. At The Bug’s End, their goal is to have repeat customers instead of a one-time customer.

So, you must contact The Bug’s End today for all your commercial pest control needs in Longview TX. They will take care of commercial offices, industrial settings, medical offices, commercial food handling establishments, or manufacturing facilities.

Also, the commercial pest control services are customizable for each client, whatever you require.

Contact the team at The Bug’s End today, the pest control experts only use safe practices in your home, and keep up to date with the current laws and regulations in Texas, ensuring they are on top of everything and look after your residential or commercial pest control needs in Longview and the surrounding areas.

The Bug’s End makes it easy to contact them with various methods to choose from, such as by phone at (903) 399-4497, by email or online at


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The Bug’s End is a family owned professional pest control business. Our home facilities are located in East TX and we provide bug exterminator service to Longview and Tyler, and surrounding cities. We specialize in roach and termite treatments for…

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