Therapy Travelers have just announced that they are providing excellent opportunities for special needs students due to School Closures from Covid-19. They are a leading placement firm that consists of the finest speech and language pathologists and other special needs therapists with school districts and students.

Therapy Travelers Remote Therapy Opportunity:

Since everyone is at home, Therapy Travelers have created a new program that sets up remote therapy frameworks. Currently, the program has helped over 250 therapists connect with school districts to provide critical teletherapy to special needs students. To date, Therapy Travelers has provided remote therapy to an incredible 10,000 students.

This is a tremendous opportunity for students who can now receive the critical support they need, despite no available on-site care. They are going to expand the program even further by hiring teletherapy veteran Margaret Curley as Manager of Remote Education and Teleservices. According to Therapy Travelers, this will help expand teletherapy offerings for all clients in the future.

This is a fantastic addition to the new program, as Ms. Curley holds two decades of experience as a speech and language pathologist. What’s particularly tremendous about her experience is that since the current pandemic requires most individuals to work from home now, Ms. Curley, fortunately, has ten years providing her services online via teletherapy while serving as a consultant to help school districts offer remote therapy services.

With Ms. Curley, Therapy Travelers extends its ability to connect therapists to the districts and students who hire them.  This is particularly important as the students with special needs need continuity, familiarity, and routine, to avoid regression during this global crisis.

Already thousands of public and private US schools with over 50 million students are affected due to Covid-19, so Therapy Travelers want to help these districts by creating comprehensive remote education services and a webinar program to help educate school districts whereby they train their staff on the practical implementation of remote education strategies and services. Data shows that over two thousand instructors have participated in the webinar program in the last two weeks.

Job positions available:

Also, Therapy Travelers are now offering our standard positions as well for the 2020-2021 school year ( . You can find these listed on their site, and there is a range of speech-language pathology jobs that you can check out. If you want to advance your career as a speech-language pathologist, you must consider a career with Therapy Travelers for 2020-2021.

Similarly, if you are interested in working Therapy Travelers and you are, in fact, a school psychologist (, they have a selection of positions available on their site, from long-term local contracts to even travel positions in schools across the US. The opportunities are endless when you choose Therapy Travelers.

More information:

Therapy Travelers has provided remote therapy to at least 10,000 students, giving them the critical support they need, since on-site care is no longer available due to the current pandemic around the world.

Some of the remote education services that Therapy Travelers offers include the following areas; remote-education strategy implementation advisors, remote-education trainers, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school psychologists, social workers, and much more.

You can find more information about Therapy Travelers on their site at and explore their services for a therapist, for employers, and in particular their remote resources on offer. For any queries, please get in touch via email at or by phone on 888-223-8002.


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