Turning Point Centers provide a non 12 Step Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program. The team members at Turning Point Centers are happy to assist individuals who have suffered from a drug or alcohol-related addiction.

The team at Turning Point Centers empathizes with individuals and understands that addiction is a chronic disease, but with some help through healing, they will be on their way to recovery.

Turning Point Centers work with individuals and their families to provide opportunities for learning, growing, they provide you with all the tools to help you to enjoy and lead a happy and healthy life.

At Turning Point Centers, they have one mission, which is – ‘To be a life-long partner to our clients by providing the necessary resources to create and sustain meaningful, long-term recovery’.

The rehab center guides individuals through their journey toward healing and recovery from the disease of addiction and mental health.

Also, the team at Turning Point Centers emphasizes that addiction is, in fact, a disease. Therefore they provide individuals who are admitted to the center with a variety of Behavioral Therapies and Medication-Assisted Treatment options when appropriate.

According to the center, their – ‘Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)’ involves an approach that focuses on the patient, including substance use disorder treatment, with counseling and behavioral therapies which have FDA-approved medications, so you can rest assured that the journey to recovery at Turning Point Centers is unique and thorough.

The non 12 step program is different from other programs today. That is because they provide an integrated system of care, which means they only use the best and most efficient clinical and medical practices, as well as comprehensive patient measurement and engagement tools. The systems incorporated in the program allows each individual to receive a complete, individualized course of treatment.

Also, Turning Point Centers provides a variety of behavioral therapies, family programming, physician-directed care, and Medication-Assisted Treatment when clinically indicated.

However, the most common and successful treatment method for substance abuse disorders is the 12-step program. They are turning Point Centers state how there are new and improved methods for treatment, such as the non 12 step rehab programs.

The 12-step support program was formed by the Alcoholic Anonymous Association in the 1930s to help people recover from addiction and has a spiritual approach to it.

Turning Point Centers state that non 12 step rehab programs offer individualized, tailored treatment that is carried out by licensed medical professionals.

According to Turning Point Centers, a non 12 step rehab program needs to follow several principals. Some of which are listed below and the rest can be found online on their website:

  1. Addiction can be treated.
  2. Treatment needs to be customized to meet the individuals’ needs.
  3. Successful recovery depends on the client’s access to resources and treatment programs.
  4. Effective treatment leads to issues being addressed, such as mental health conditions and dual diagnosis treatment.
  5. Clients require time to complete the treatment program.

Get in touch with Turning Point Centers today if you would like more information about their non 12 step drug and alcohol recovery program. There are many ways to get in touch with the treatment centers in Utah, such as by phone on 9728954640, by email at info@turningpointcenters.com, or you can go online to their website at https://turningpointcenters.com/ where you can find information about their 12 step program.

SOURCE: https://thenewsfront.com/turning-point-centers-provide-a-non-12-step-drug-and-alcohol-recovery-program/

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