Summary – Since 2014, Utility Saving Expert has built its reputation as a socially responsible company, providing a market-leading energy comparison pricing. Now, thanks to a new partnership with SEOPA Ltd, it has extended the same ‘best market price’ service to its Car Insurance Customers. Competitively comparing prices from over 100 car insurance providers to ensure the highest level of protection for the lowest premium. Want cheap car insurance? Read on!

United Kingdom – In 2014, social entrepreneur Chris Richards first fired up Utility Saving Expert, an impartial energy comparison site designed to meet the needs of all users. In 5 years, its reputation has spread, becoming one of the nation’s largest and most trusted competitive energy price comparison services.

Through a new partnership with SEOPA Ltd, Richards and his team are delighted to now extend this service by providing new competitive cheap car insurance comparison service.

“Our Customers asked if we could help them save money with other services, such as Insurance, Richards explains, so we developed our powerful impartial comparison tools, to bring ‘best in market’ and highly competitive pricing for Car Insurance to our website. Utility Saving Expert customers are already reporting significant savings against their renewal quotes.”

Continuing, “As with our energy comparison service, Customers can simply log onto our website and start comparing rates from over 100 car insurers or, if they want traditional customer service, can pick up the phone. We are 100% UK-based and promise good old British charm!”

The company is also known for giving back to the community, with 10% of all Net profits donated to fuel poverty charities.

“It’s a founding culture and cornerstone that we live and breathe by. Our company is not only a powerhouse for saving the consumer money but helping those less fortunate than ourselves. We love donating as much money as we can and, with this expanded car insurance service, we can’t wait to be giving more.”

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About the Company: ltd. was established in 2014 by social entrepreneur Chris Richards drawing on his experience with third sector not-for-profit organisations, specialising in helping people in debt with Local Authorities. Recognising that the majority of people helped were spending significant amounts on their utility bills, Chris wanted to do something to reduce the burden of unnecessarily high utility bills.

Utility Saving Expert started life as an energy comparison site however, strong positive feedback from those using the site showed there was a demand to expand the site into a more comprehensive price comparison website, focussing on areas where savings could be made.

With a strong social background, many of the users of our site are referred to us by Housing Associations, Charities and even Councils to help our clients get better deals on everything from energy to life insurance.


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