Volhard Dog Nutrition, a leading dog food provider, participated in celebrating the International Women’s Day last Friday, March 8, 2019. The company celebrated for its founder who is a dog food industry icon, Wendy Volhard. They are proud of their founder’s remarkable achievements in the business.

The entire team is happy to celebrate the special day and recognize the hard work and contribution of Wendy Volhard. She is a certified dog lover who is known for her contributions to health, training, as well as nutrition in the dog industry. With her considerable experience in the business, she already helped many happy individuals for their journey in dog ownership. The Volhard Dog Nutrition founder also helps thousands of dogs to have better living conditions.

As a goal-oriented founder, Wendy Volhard has made remarkable contributions in the field of nutrition in the past 50 years. She helped many dog lovers on how to properly communicate to their pets. She uses the motivational method for a unique approach to teaching dogs. As an animal lover, Wendy knows that positive reinforcement will be the most effective tool to train any dog.

Armed with her dedication to helping dogs and dog owners, the company Volhard Dog Nutrition has become successful. They are the top dog supplement provider in the industry. They care for their customers as well as for their dogs because their team wants to meet their specific needs. They provide a raw diet for dogs that will help them to improve their overall health.

Volhard Dog Nutrition always wants to serve its customers with healthy dog food. They care for the health and nutrition of the dogs. They guarantee that dog owners can get healthy, fresh and balanced dog food that will help their pets to have maximum energy. They assure that their products are safe to use. The dog foods they offer in the market are made in a USDA certified facility. The ingredients of their dog foods are certified and tested safe at the source.

The products of Volhard Dog Nutrition come with the right nutrients that dogs need to have strong bones, high energy level, and active resistance against various illnesses. Their featured products are also offered at a cost that can make the customers smile. Wendy believes that dogs deserve to have the best foods to maintain their health. With this, she decided to bring their products to the highest possible quality and at an affordable cost. Their company is licensed, so dog owners don’t have to doubt about their products. Volhard Dog Nutrition knows the best for their clients and their pets, so they give the best customer support to accommodate their particular needs. Their team of animal lovers values their clients with respect and professionalism.

About Wendy Volhard:

Wendy Volhard is the founder of Volhard Dog Nutrition, a leader in the dog food industry today. She shaped the natural dog food market using her exceptional leadership skills and vision for offering a balanced, healthy, and natural diet for dogs.

In her wonderful years in the industry, she already made remarkable contributions that help her to gain the trust and support of many dog lovers. She is passionate about helping people and their pets to have a satisfying life through their products and services.


For more information about Volhard Dog Nutrition, visit their site at https://www.volharddognutrition.com or email them at jen@volharddognutrition.com.


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