Fritz Fryer is known for producing the most beautiful Hotel Lighting in the UK. The lighting company specialises in commercial lighting for cafes, shops, restaurant, and hotels. Whichever design you require for your business space, Fritz Fryer has it, and if not, they can create it to your liking.

The hotel lighting specialists work to create a memorable experience from the moment you contact them and every aspect is taken into account. For instance, they can help advice on the types of hotel bedroom lighting you can choose, or what stand-out feature light you can use in the entrance to your hotel. Why not get in touch with the team today about your design ideas.

Fritz Fryer produce the most beautiful and stand out hotel lighting. You can make your hotel shine with the selection of unique Fritz Fryer lighting fixtures. These can be fitted into many rooms, restaurants, and lounges to create a cosy ambience.

The hotel lighting design company believe hotel lighting fixtures to be the utmost importance. When it comes to selecting hotel lighting fixtures, you want a light that works well in the space. According to Fritz Fryer, designers consider the best lighting to be the ones that are ‘invisible’. The focus should be on the space and how the guests respond to it – the lighting is just the additional piece that makes that space special.

Fritz Fryer have some hotel lighting tips if you’re upgrading your hotel or currently renovating it. First, you should hire a light planner, so you have a plan set in stone before the lighting is fitted. This ensures all areas of your hotel are considered, and your guests are left awing over the décor of your hotel.

According to Fritz, once you have a perfect plan in place for your lighting fixtures, the design will start to come together. So, you might have elegant lighting in the restaurant or bar area such as the Hereford globe pendant light. Then have that flowing into relaxed and warm lighting in the reception or lobby such as a ribbed glass pendant. You want the lighting in each area of the hotel to flow and connect on a design level.

Fritz Fryer also recommends keeping the design of the lighting fixtures in each room sophisticated yet straightforward. The last thing you want is for a lighting fixture to stand out for the wrong reasons as part of your hotel design. It is important to choose lighting that captures a room but doesn’t take over, use statement lamps carefully.

Lighting fixtures in hotel rooms and bathrooms should have lighting that brightens the room and creates an ambience, says Fritz. A good example of this is the Hereford Globe bathroom wall light. The design of your hotel may also require task lighting, which means the room will be extra bright, so this could be a desk lamp or nightstands, like the adjustable reading light with ribbed Hereford globe.

Hallways and corridor lights are also especially crucial in the design of a hotel. Wall lights and pendants lights are the best choices; for instance, the glass globe swan neck wall light or the wellington ribbed wall light.

For hotel lighting design and hotel lights, contact Fritz Fryer today and go through the particular design you require for your hotel. Fritz produce the best commercial lighting for hotels, you can even get the team to create and design hotel lighting, which they may not have, but it is in your vision. Ring the team today on +44 (01989) 567416 to discuss your ideas or get in touch via email at You can also browse through their wide range of hotel lights on their website at


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