Zedzug Pest Control Edmonton will have a grand opening of its new business corporate head office. They will also expand its service across Canada. They plan to open their services in different locations including Saskatoon SK, Calgary AB, as well as Winnipeg MB. These locations will be implemented this year, and they also plan to open seven more areas for 2020.

The Zedzug Pest Control Edmonton will also launch their new high-heat treatment pest control company to serve the needs of the pest control needs of residents in Alberta in Northern and Central Alberta. They use only the most advanced technology to produce the best results for their customers. Their team of experts utilizes high-heat temperatures for eliminating pests and its eggs. They also specialize in bedbug extermination and removal.

As a customer-oriented company, Zedzug Pest Control Edmonton performs premium pest control services with the use of the most innovative and environment-friendly technology in the pest extermination industry. They have a team that has sound experience and knowledge in pest control service. They specialize in commercial as well as residential bedbug control, grain beetle and grain weevil eradication, cockroach control, and mice extermination.

The team of the company also provides services to remove pest like sow-bugs, ants, wasps, termite and other types of pests. They are ready to back up their customers’ pest problems with their state of the art high-heat extermination process. They will offer community service in Ardrossan, Alberta Beach, Beverly, Beaumont, Bilby, Bretona, Bon Accord, Calmar, Bruederheim, Camrose, Cold Lake, Carbondale, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Hay Lakes, Hinton, Hercules, Josephburg, and North Cooking Lake, Saint Albert as well as other surrounding areas.

Zedzug Pest Control Edmonton is a responsible Canadian Pest control company that is happy to help their customers achieve a clean and safe living. Their team performs their work with a thorough inspection to offer a perfect job for their hopeful clients. They also provide their superior quality of service because they want to protect the foundation of their customers’ homes and other establishments.

The team of the company values the trust and respect that they get from their customers. With this, they make sure that they only give the most effective pest control service that can meet their specific pest control needs. They have the innovative equipment to ensure that customers can be free from the dangers of pests. They don’t want to leave a negative impression on their clients, so they check every detail of their job.

Aside from the quality of their pest control service, they also satisfy their clients to receive consistent and excellent customer support from them. They accommodate the needs of their customers from beginning to end. They never shirk their responsibility because they don’t want to lose the trust of their customers. They treat their clients with respect and professionalism because every client is unique for them. They have a friendly and approachable team that is willing to listen to the suggestions of their customers.

Their services are available at affordable and practical cost. They don’t want to give additional burden to their clients, so they are happy to serve superior quality service at a low cost.


For more details about Zedzug Pest Control Edmonton, visit their site at https://www.zedzug.ca/locations/ab/edmonton-pest-control/ or email them at edmontonab@zedzug.ca. Their team can also be contacted through their phone number (587) 388-0359.


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The founder and CEO of Zedzug Pest Control, Christian Gilbert, started his career as a property manager. During this time, he experienced many situations where pests were becoming a problem for the residential and commercial properties he managed. Wanting to…

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